23 of the youth crew had joined the ship by 1530 and we got on with our program of getting to know one another and getting to know the ship.
Last night the Staff and Youth Crew entertained each other with the end of voyage concert and each watch provided us with some very amusing skits.
Yesterday we left our intrepid Youth Crew with the first part of their mission completed, having safely brought the ship to anchor off Scawfell Island and delivering the Beach Assault Team ashore.
The big day has arrived and the Youth Crew have taken over the ship. Thus far all has gone well.
Last night was another very pleasant sail with light south-easterlies of 10-15 knots.
We have kept a light but steady breeze today enabling us to catch up on all the sail training we needed for this stage of the voyage.
At last we've got a bit of wind, not a lot but we are sailing. Last night we remained at sea to conduct navigation training and to see if we could find some wind.
We have had a couple of patches of light wind today just to tease us, which we've made the most of.
STILL NO WIND, not even a puff, so today we decided to focus on some touristy things.
Shortly after completing tacking drills yesterday afternoon the wind died so we started motors and continued on our way to the Whitsundays.