Another wet day greeted us, but it was just kidding - it turned out to be a real corker and the Youth Crew really enjoyed a few hours ashore at the beach and visiting the Navy Base, HMAS CRESWELL for
We had a good passage down to JB overnight and the YC successfully carried out several tacks in different positions than they are used to.
Well we finally left Sydney - 'hooray' was the collective cry, followed later in the afternoon with some cries of a different kind as some very green faces appeared.
Overnight weather conditions deteriorated and by this morning a 35 knot easterly wind blew driving rain at us for most of the day. Conditions on deck were, and still are, quite unpleasant.
Young Endeavour is back. After a very successful maintenance period, the ship is up and running again, looking spic and span and has got that new car smell.