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Current situation at 1800: At sea off Botany Bay, heading south with fore and aft sail and a square sail. Wind easterly at 12 knots. Temp 21C.
Day Two on a Voyage in Young Endeavour is always huge. The YC performed really well though and met the challenge of learning heaps and working hard after a sleep deprived night of climbing aloft. What better environment could we have asked for than to be setting and furling sails in Sydney Harbour as the Opera House and Harbour Bridge glided by. We departed port late afternoon and conducted two tacks in order that everyone knows their job when the time comes to turn the ship.

The much anticipated attack of seasickness only affected a few - in general the YC are feeling well, quite tired but in good spirits. We'll spend the next two nights at sea and try to visit Eden on Saturday - but the wind will decide that. The weather forecast is good and will probably be in our favour tomorrow with a southerly change expected late Friday.

Youth Crew entry by Jess Freeman, aged 16, from Galston High School.
Well, what can I say about day one? Exciting in some ways and challenging in many others. Everything about the ship was new and unfamiliar, however, the crew made us feel right at home with our first watch at 12am to 4am. During this time we participated in things that are quite normal for one to do at that time of morning. Such as climbing aloft 33m tall and practicing knots while clamping on for dear life to the yards in a fear of plunging into the unforgiving Sydney Harbour.

Today we practiced in many things that would help us once we finally set sail. We have had a fun packed day learning about the tall ship and how to actually sail the thing. We all learnt many valuable lessons and our team building skills have been sufficiently strengthened. Overall it has been a perfect start to an exciting voyage that awaits us. So far I think everyone's limits and personal endurance have been tested, not to mention their stomaches. I am really looking forward to the rest of the voyage and can't begin to anticipate, like everyone, what challenges lie ahead ��� who can say what Bass Strait has to offer?

I would like to give special thanks to the Galston Club who sponsored me to be on this voyage as well as my school Galston High School for providing this life changing experience, I am sure I am going to have a fantastic time. I would finally like to do the usual and send all my love to my family, friends and boyfriend.
PS ��� can't wait to see my first sunset over the water!

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis