Voyage name: 
22 August - 21 October 2015
16 degrees 53 minutes North
24 degrees 59 minutes West

Upset tummies

Boa tarde!

Today we departed from Mindelo in Cape Verde and are now steering SW on a direct course for Rio.  Unfortunately the Young Endeavour diet has come back in full force for a large proportion of the crew and staffies (a side effect from consuming the local Capo Verdian cuisine… or it might have been the water…. Or maybe the goats cheese…it can’t have been the lobster).

For the last 5 days the Young Endeavourians have been enjoying, this may not be the right choice of word, the heat of São Vicente (the ‘cultural’ island of Cape Verde). The warm sea waters were a startling blue and kept us entertained at all hours until we discovered Tiger sharks also enjoy these waters, particularly in the evening hours. Aside from the sea, São Vicente is a dry, dusty place that caused many to exclaim just how lucky we are in Australia. There is no natural water source on any of the islands in Cape Verde, so the locals rely on one desalinisation plant to provide for their fresh water needs. The desalinisation plant is quite a power-hungry beast and is known to cause widespread power outages across the islands on a semi regular basis.

On the upside, São Vicente has a disproportionate amount of musical talent within the community, considering the size of its population, compared to the other islands of Cape Verde. No matter where you were you could hear threads of local music like Quisomba, Funana, Reggae and Morna being played.

It’s been a quiet day on board as the crew recuperates from various gastronomical upsets, but we’re all happy to be back for this final leg of V06/15. A megapod of dolphins farewelled us from the islands and we’ve noticed a direct correlation between the increase in heat and the fatness of the flying fish. Can’t wait to see them on the equator...

Adeus for now


Blue Watch

(Vita and Nina)


A quick shout out from Rowan to everyone that cares about me (I know, it’s a small number).  Love you, don’t forget about me, and ill see you when I get home J

Hi there Sophie, you have finally made it to the Captain’s log! Love you so much, take care of our little bundle. (Brett)