40° 4' South
144° 3'
Current situation at 2200: Alongside in Grassy Harbour, King Island. Wind nor'easterly at 10 knots. Temp 22C.
Early this morning we sailed towards the coast and berthed in Grassy Harbour on the southeast coast of King Island. After lunch we all went on a bus tour of the island, ate a lot of cheese, saw loads of cows and drove through the kelp drying racks. The islanders are very friendly and we had a great tour. We arrived back at the ship and played some sport after dinner and then held three way talks on deck. At about 9:30pm we walked around to Grassy Island and saw the fairy penguins. They were so cute.

Tomorrow we will sail early in the morning and head north to Cowes on Philip Island, Victoria. A strong weather front is due to arrive later today so we should move smartly across Bass Strait.

Youth Crew entry by Peter Cole ��� Hello to all, We have finally touched solid ground on the shores of King Island. For me personally, the voyage was hard for the first two days as we had a huge amount of things to learn ie: sailing terminology. I could not believe that on the first night my watch group and I had to climb the 30m sail, boy it was scary. Upon arrival back to the deck from the mast I discovered half the deck covered in vomit, then came the even worse part, we all had to clean it up, we cleaned it up together because on the Young Endeavour we all work as a team. Our team motto is never say \I can't do it\". So on the first night I challenged myself to something I thought I could not do, with the help of our courageous watch leader and positive team members I managed to climb the mast (all 30m of it). But from then on the \"Adventure Under Sail\" has been awesome. I have meet heaps of new people, that have very interesting lives and back grounds. It has now been 4 days we have spent under sail, climbing the mast in very windy conditions. I have learnt at huge amount of things on board, from sailing technique to leadership. Today, as we are tied up to the dock at King Island, had the chance to get off the ship and go for a tour through the King Island Cheese factory, and to the main town of Curry. It's so far been an awesome trip and will definitely continue all the way to Port Phillip Bay. Gotta do a runner ��� Peter Cole (Coley)

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis"