21° 44' South
150° 20' East
Tropical without the rain!
Hello everyone,

The wind started to fill in a little more from about 2:00 am and we sailed on a calm sea under clear skies with the squares set making about 3 �_ to 4 knots. After morning brief and Happy Hour we did ���Captain's Setting and Furling�� where the watches, without supervision, get to set and furl sails to assess their abilities before Command Day. All three watches were up to the mark so opportunity was taken after lunch to anchor at Middle Percy Island and go ashore for a swim. With everyone back on board we did a Rope Races session before a relaxing teak deck barbeque.

It is now very much tropical weather with the water temperature 23 degrees. The sun is out and the seas smooth. A little more wind would help but you can't have everything.

Tonight the Youth Crew face a big challenge, the election of positions for the Command Day. Put 24 people who have only known each other for a week together to sort out how to man, run and command a Tall Ship. While the objective is get positions assigned, the process of election also brings out many lessons. We will finish the night with the Youth Crew's only video of the Voyage (no we are not watching the State of Origin rugby league), ���Around Cape Horn��, which is about the last of the Clipper Ships running from Europe to the West Coast of South America and hence having to go via the Horn.

As an aside, during our morning briefs we often have a moment to reflect on the bigger things of life and our place in it all. This is often concluded with a quote of sorts. This morning's quote was in itself not that deep but what we discussed around it was. The quote was ���Always be nice to your Mum' ��� I guess Zac was paying attention because he has a birthday message for his Mum:

���I have made the effort to organise a birthday message for you while at sea. I hope you had a lovely day. Love Zac xo.��

��_ which reminds me, must organise flowers for my wife.

Until tomorrow,

Yours aye,

Dave Jordan (Yak)
Voyage Captain