Voyage name: 
V18/16 Exmouth (WA) to Fremantle (WA)
17 Oct - 29 Oct 2016
31 58 S
115 32 E
Currently at anchor at Rottnest Island and experiencing moderate WSW winds with nil swell. The current temperature is 16 degrees.
Hi Everyone, Welcome to day twelve and the final night of our voyage. Following an eventful Command Day where we continued to battle headwinds resulting in a tack at 0400 and the thought that we may not make our anchorage at Rottnest Island the tide finally turned in our favour with the winds veering to the south west late this morning which enabled us to shape a course directly for our anchorage and achieve a speed which got us safely to anchor at Rottenest Island at 1700. Prior to anchoring the Staff Crew officially took back the ship and conducted a Command Day debrief and end of voyage chats. Once at anchored we enjoyed a sunset pizza dinner which was prepared by our amazing Chef ‘Keely’ who having had 24hrs off during command day was happy to be back in her galley. Once we had cleaned up from dinner we commenced a photo slide show up on deck capturing various moments and experiences during the voyage. This slide show has become a popular part of the Young Endeavour Program and gives the Youth Crew an opportunity to reflect on the past 12 days and their amazing experiences throughout the voyage. The rest of this evening has been spent with the Youth Crew completing end of voyage questionnaires and “letters to themselves”, which are returned to each Youth Crew member six months after voyage completion. Whilst the Youth Crew were completing these final administration tasks the Staff Crew took the opportunity to conduct our normal end of voyage debrief. Tomorrow morning we will start our final day with an early morning for those happy to get out of bed to witness sunrise from the topgallant yard. Following breakfast and morning brief the anchor will be weighed and we will commence our 10nm transit over to Fremantle where with the Youth Crew manning the yards we will berth for the final time for this voyage at Fremantle Berth B at 1000. Once alongside family and friends will be invited onboard for a tour of the ship and to witness my final address and the presentation of Certificates of Achievement to all of the Youth Crew. Following this presentation we will say our final emotional farewell to the Youth Crew of Voyage 18/16 as they depart the ship. On a personal note, I would like to thank all of the Youth Crew for the effort that you have put in throughout this voyage and being part of our 2016 Circumnavigation of Australian. A 1000nm against strong headwinds is a big ask, but you came through it with smiles still on your faces and stories to tell. Thank you for all your efforts in making this another successful voyage. The Ship will now spend the weekend in Fremantle before moving over to Fleet Base West where it will conduct a 4 week maintenance period before continuing on with its Australian Circumnavigation. Volunteering to write a final entry in tonight’s Captains Log is Elle and Em, please enjoy! Until next voyage, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav Fridays 28th October 16 – Voyage 18/16 Day 12 What up, what-a-crack-a-lackin’, Shipmates Elle and Em here coming to you from day 2 of command day and floral Friday. The troops started their day before the crack of dawn with watches continuing throughout the night and hands on deck at 0400 for tacking stations. Ash and Lachy have continued their reign in the galley, keeping our energy and spirits high with a hot breaky and Mexican style lunch. Morning brief was conducted by the Youth Command team and included special guest ‘Pepper’ with a rendition of ‘shake a leg’ proudly brought to you by shiphouse productions as well as our newly elected Nav Phil’s new segment of ‘How far off course have we gone?’ But surprisingly even with a few reckless helmsmen/women we are still headed in the right direction. Some of the command day challenges have helped the crew to work together and have a laugh – Including composing a poem to depict our voyage and singing our national anthem to three different tunes (may be a case of easier said then done). The team armed themselves with colourful chalk to decorate the midships area of the STS Young Endeavour with a mural on the deck, it was amazing to see how artistic some of our crew are and how we can express our voyage experiences in an artistic form Jesse one of our trusty Nav’s announced our arrival time at Rottenest Island as late this afternoon so we were all celebrating with a mix of Zooper Doopers, Banana Paddlepops and if your watch leader is awesome (:P)…chicken crunchies (not mentioning any names…Em). Best way to keep up morale….snacks. The boys have been keeping a watchful eye on the fishing lines today with a few wins of a Big Eye Tuna and a Blue Tuna so its sushimi on the menu tonight. James showed us all his skills in filleting the catches of the day and it was great to see the process from ocean to plate. We are currently anchored off Rottnest Island overlooking the sunset and getting some last minute whale watching in. Who could believe how quick our command day and voyage 18/16 has gone, we have all learnt so much and grown as team and with in our selves. Massive thankyou to the staffies for trusting us with the Young Endeavour for 24 hours, we could not have achieved as much as we have with out you all. We know this voyage hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing (literally - with high winds and swells) but we really appreciate the time you have put into making this a once in a lifetime experience for each and every one of us. SHOUTOUTS – to Dad (Frank) from James to Hendy the pirate dog and the rest of the family, Luce/Richo and Trippa see ya soon ya specials!!! Ellen xx to Mum, Dad ,Erica ,Matthew and my dog Chester, see you sooon xxxooo Em Bye guys, safe travels, over and out, peace out Elle and Em