Voyage name: 
V05/17 Melbourne (VIC) to Sydney (NSW)
28 Feb - 10 Mar 2017
39 01 S
146 36 E
Currently located 6nm to the east of Refuge Cove and experiencing light SSE winds with .5-1m ENE swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 18 degrees.
Hi Everyone, Welcome to day three of our voyage. The conditions remained light and variable overnight and during the early hours of this morning which meant the continued use of main engines as we motor sailed making good speed toward Wilson’s Promontory. Our passage plan had us passing close to Wilson’s Promontory so that the Youth Crew could witness the beauty of this spectacular coastline but regrettably due to the heavy fog/sea mist experienced this morning we couldn’t see a thing. Late this morning we rounded Wilson’s Promontory South East Point then shaped a direct course for Refuge Cove where we came safely to anchor at 1145. Lunch followed then the Youth Crew were ferried ashore where they hiked up to an extremely large rock overlooking the Cove where Evan the Navigator gave an informative presentation on navigation. Once completed they made their way back to the beach where they played some beach sport and enjoyed a refreshing swim in the crystal clear water of Refuge Cove. This evening with everyone safely back onboard we conducted a round of Three Way Chats (Communication and Public Speaking Exercise) then just after sunset weighed anchor and quietly departed Refuge Cove. Once in open water we put the ship under fore and aft sail and in light south easterly conditions shaped an easterly course so that we can safely clear the Bass Strait Oil and Gas Rigs. The current forecast is for the winds to start to strengthen from the southeast overnight so hopefully this will give us the opportunity to set a lot more sail and enjoy the magic of sailing this magnificent Tall Ship. Until tomorrow, take care Yours Aye Captain Gav