Voyage name: 
V16/16 Darwin (NT) to Broome (WA)
18 Sep - 30 Sep 2016
13 56 S
127 19 E

Currently at anchor at the mouth of King George River and experiencing light 4-6kt NW winds with nil swell and the temperature is 24 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

                        Welcome to day three of our voyage. By sunrise this morning we were located 140nm to the west of Darwin motor sailing in light conditions. The morning consisted of the normal activities of morning brief and cleaning stations with a few short breaks in between when the call ‘fish on’ was made and we managed to stop the ship and haul in a couple of reasonable sized tuna.

 Early this afternoon I initiated a Man Overboard Exercise which required the immediate mustering of all of the Youth Crew, handing in of all sail then manoeuvring the ship back to recover the lifebuoy which simulates a person in the water. This was achieved in good time with everyone working well to achieve the recovery.    

Once completed it was decided to give everyone a quick swim in the clear water of the Bonaparte Gulf so that they could cool off before again getting underway again and continuing our passage to King George River.

Once back underway and sails set we conducted our first round of rope races then to finish of the afternoons activities Evan the Navigator gave a very informative presentation on the theory of navigation.

Early this evening we witnessed a spectacular sunset as we entered the picturesque Koolama Bay where we came safely to anchor at the mouth of the King George River at 1945. Once at anchor Evan conducted a presentation on how to keep the ship safe at anchor then Dion gave everyone a logistics brief on our shore excursion up the King George River first thing tomorrow morning.

The time is now 2130 and the Youth Crew have now settled into anchor watches overnight ensuring that they are well rested for what will be a spectacular day tomorrow.  If you can please google King George River and you will see what I mean.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav