Voyage name: 
V18/16 Exmouth (WA) to Fremantle (WA)
17 Oct - 29 Oct 2016
2825 S
113 44 E
Currently at anchor in Turtle Bay and enjoying light - moderate SSE winds with nil swell. The current temperature is 16 degrees.
Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 9 of our voyage. Well following another busy day at sea where we have experienced some mixed weather conditions we finally made it to anchor in the Abrolhos Islands Turtle Bay at 1900 this evening. The Youth Crew are currently all in the café watching the classic Tall Ship movie ‘Around Cape Horn’ and once complete will settle into anchor watches overnight ensuring that they get a much needed good nights sleep before we sail again for the final days of the voyage. Early tomorrow morning they will be ferried ashore to Turtle Bay where they will be given the opportunity to have a leg stretch, play some beach sports or enjoy a snorkel in the clear water of these isolated Islands. Kindly volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log are our three returnee Assistant Watch Leaders Olivia, Alice and Lucy, please enjoy!! Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav 25 October 2016 Day nine and we are live reporting from the Abrolhos Islands…Land is in sight for our weary travellers! Tonight we make anchorage amongst the not so dangerous (compared to Shark bay) fauna in Turtle Bay, off East Wallaby Island. We have had a nice and relaxing run down this part of the coast compared to the first leg of our trip. The coastline has been absolutely magnificent with sheer red cliff faces off the port bow. Today has been a busy day, beginning with a false fire alarm at 6am and then an awesome birthday wake up song for Georgia on her 20th! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGIA!! After breakfast, our usual routine kicked off with morning meeting. We heard from many special guests this morning, but one stood out from the crowd with a good old Irish pirate “arghhhh” and a familiar “when ships were made of wood, and men were made of steel”, Salty taught us about the phrase “being bent over a barrel” which became a rather funny educational production. Overnight the watches did the teamwork exercise we like to call BEAREX, which last night involved setting and furling the fore and aft sails without staff assistance. Days of practice have lead up to this and an afternoon of testing their skills for the Captains setting and furling drills. After a quick siesta to refresh the crews’ minds and spirits, the watch leaders played an enthusiastic game of scissors, paper, rock, deciding who would go first for the Captains setting and furling. Blue watch won! Followed by white and then red. All watches successfully gained the captain’s approval for command day (and were rewarded with Tim Tams). We played round 3 of rope races as well – a game where knowing the ropes and sailing terminology is all! Blue watch made a good comeback from previous rounds, but White watch dominated. Ropies was followed by a BBQ dinner with cheese platter dessert, minus the wine. Shortly after dinner the staffies brought us to anchor, and Youth Crew baker Lachlan brought out his birthday masterpiece for Georgia. A big multicoloured cake with green and white icing for everyone to share! Then popcorn, and our traditional showing of the movie “Round Cape Horn”. Looking forward to a great day tomorrow where we will hopefully be able to go for a lovely snorkel around the islands, set foot on solid rock, and stand on sacred ground! Fingers crossed we aren’t living on borrowed time. Signing off for the night, from Lucy, Alice and Olivia…your freaky, fearless and ruthless returnees/assistant watch leaders for this voyage, V18/16!! SHOUTOUTS: To all my homies at Wakefield. Especially Chris and Scout. <3 Lucy Hey to mum, dad, Morgan and my fam. Missing you all heaps. Thinking of you always xx Olivia Love to all my family and friends. Having a great time and haven’t been seasick, yay!! Alice x