Voyage name: 
07-17 Mar 16
38 56 S
147 18 E

Currently located 35nm ENE of Wilson's Promontory and experiencing moderate 12-16kt ENE winds with a .5-1m ENE swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 16 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day four of our voyage. This morning the Youth Crew awoke to light showers and cooler conditions. Following an early morning activity, breakfast and a short morning brief the Youth Crew were ferried ashore to the beach at Refuge Cove where they were given the opportunity to walk up to the lookout, play some beach games or have a refreshing swim.

By 1115 everyone was back onboard and following lunch we weighed anchor, departed Refuge Cove then transited the 2nm around to Sealers Cove where we did a quick ‘fly by’ of the Defence Maritime Services Vessel Seahorse Standard who was anchored in Sealers Cove conducting Navy Recruit Sea Familiarization Training. Once completed we shaped a new course to the ENE and once we were in open water we called the ship to tacking stations and conducted a good set of rotational tacks. With this activity successfully completed it was straight to dinner with Roast Pork and Lamb being on the menu tonight with fresh vegetables and Chocolate Cake and Rice Pudding for desert. The time is now 1930 and we are currently located 35nm to the ENE of Wilson’s Promontory motor sailing into moderate headwinds.

Overnight the Youth Crew will continue to consolidate navigation and sailing skills as we continue to make best speed to Eden which at this time will be our next anchorage.

Kindly volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is Ben and Emily from Blue Watch, please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care


Yours Aye

Captain Gav



Young Endeavour was anchored in Refuge Cove overnight so the youth crew took turns in doing 1-hour anchor watches throughout the night.

Conducted in groups of about three with people from different watches it gave us the opportunity to meet some new faces whilst taking more responsibility for the ship. This involved doing the usual round of the engine as well checking our position and anchor.

Wakey-wakey was at 0630 to a song of Sailmaster Kenny’s choice – probably his best choice thus far - and after a quick breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon, everyone gathered at the bridge for morning muster and an overview of the days plan as well as our path so far, our highlight was Old Salty’s history lesson on the origins of Port and Starboard. Shortly thereafter we were shuttled to shore by Taffy’s skilful driving.

Time ashore was enjoyed everyone, especially those who had been seasick the last few days and had the opportunity to hug a tree. Some went hiking for a couple hours to the nearby peak several kilometres away while the rest played ball-games on the beach. By 1130 we were all back on board and after lunch there was the 2nd round of the renowned rope races, entailing the race to locate or identify various pieces of shipboard equipment, our onboard semi competitive challenge.

Today involved the identification of the fore and aft sails and their lines. The red watch currently leads (they probably cheated) but there remains plenty of time for the other watches to catch up (blue will win – definitely – you can tell this was written by blue watch). 1300 hours was the ship cleaning hour, affectionately known as ‘Happy Hour’, this was followed by some rotational tacking drills where each watch had a chance to try the other watches tacking roles, which will undoubtedly come in use in the next few days. Red watch had the first dog’s watch while everyone else had some free-time and dinner. The rest of the watches are preparing to take their watches through the night, currently catching up on some sleep.

Signing off, Blue Watch,

Ben and Emily