Voyage name: 
V20/16 Esperance (WA) to Adelaide (SA)
11 Dec - 22 Dec 2016
34 39 S
129 08 E
Currently experiencing light to moderate NNE winds with a 2m SSW swell. Our current speed is 6.5kts and the temperature is 16 degrees.
Hi Everyone, Welcome to day five of our voyage. During the early hours of this morning the wind backed to the east which meant that we had to hand in the majority of sail and continue to motor into light to moderate headwinds. This continued throughout the day as a high pressure system past slowly over Southern Australia. Despite these conditions and lack of good sailing we continued with the training program achieving a presentation on Rules of the Road during the morning and a set of light weather Rotational Tacks during the afternoon. Adding to some of the excitement for the day was the landing of a 10kg Blue Fin Tuna which quickly became Sashimi and Tuna Steaks for dinner this evening. By sunset this evening we had crossed the border into South Australia and are currently still motor sailing in light ENE conditions which hopefully will strengthen and back overnight. Kindly volunteering to write an entry in tonight’s Captains Log is Luci and Zahra, please enjoy. Until tomorrow, Take Care Yours Aye Captain Gav Captains Log – 15 DEC 16 Hey folks, Luci and Zahra from Blue Watch here, we’ve nabbed Captain Gav’s computer for the evening. We started our day bright and early for Chef Jenko’s fine breakfast spread before our forenoon watch. Time passed speedily thanks to an entertaining morning brief featuring special guests, Nav Man and his nautical flag of the day, Bravo, which signifies the exchange of dangerous cargo. We got to see one of Young Endeavour’s own cannons fired, which may’ve woken the seasick Youthies sleeping on deck. Salty (James) and his troupe entertained us with a story about the origins of the phrase, “Son of a Gun” – look it up for yourselves. We headed straight into a thorough happy happy happy hour, which left the ship gleaming from bow to stern. Salty once again graced us with his presence for an ‘edutaining’ demonstration on the ‘rules of the road’. We learnt about the nine different types of buoys floating around the waters. After lunch, we caught up on sleep with a sneaky siesta thanks to our awesome Sail master Evan. This was followed by the non-competitive (competitive) rope races which tested the Youth Crew’s knowledge of fore and aft sails. This warmed us up for rotational tacks, where the watches got a chance to go to tacking stations other than our own. We then had time of our own for siesta round two, and table top games in the café before dinner. Jenko and his Youthie crew (Mel, David and Flick) cooked up a storm, with a massive Bluefin tuna caught straight out of the Bight, as well as pork, steak and eggplant casserole. We’re back on watch until 1945, after which we will crash immediately, ready to rise at 0315 for morning watch. For the last hour of this watch, Harry and Andrew climbed the main mast to fix the gaskets on the mainsail, while the ship rolled 25 degrees on the ooooh aaaah meter (inclinometer). The time passed merrily with Evan and Nav Man strumming away on the ship’s guitar and ukulele. At 1927, we finally made it into South Australian waters!! It was a special day today as one of the youth crew, Amy, turned 17 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMY!!!). We managed to fit in at least three rounds of ‘Happy Birthday’ as well as a big chocolate cake lovingly whipped up by our cheffies. Blue Watch signing off, Luci and Zahra (thanks for your laptop, Captain Gav!) P.S. Mum if you’re reading this, Ameera and I are fine (no seasickness at all!) with the exception of a few bruises. We’re having a great time and using muscles we didn’t know we had. Love you xx – Zahra P.P.S Scout and Michael, I’m nearly halfway, and so far, have avoided seasickness. See you back in Newcastle xxx - Luci