Voyage name: 
V16/16 Darwin (NT) to Broome (WA)
18 Sep - 30 Sep 2016
15 57 S
123 14 E

Currently located 20nm to the SW of Yampi Sound and experiencing moderate 12-15kt SW winds with a .5m SSW swell. Our current speed is 5kts and the temperature is 22 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day eight of our voyage. Following a good nights rest at anchor the crew were wide awake and on deck at 0630 to witness another amazing sunrise and enjoy an early morning activity. Following breakfast and a short morning brief the boat was launched and we started ferrying the Youth Crew up Crocodile Creek to the swimming hole (crocodile free of course) where we planned to spend the rest of the morning. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience of swimming in such a remote and picturesque location and convincing the Youth Crew that it was time to return to the ship was not an easy task.

By 1200 everyone was safely back onboard and following lunch and a short ‘siesta’ the anchor was weighed and we departed Yambi Sound. Once in open water the ship brought under sail including the squares for the first time for the voyage then in moderate conditions we completed a very good set of demonstrational tacks. On completion of this activity we clewed up the squares, altered course to the south west then commenced our transit through the Buccaneer Archipelago

Kindley volunteering to write an entry in tonight’s log is Lucas and Jess, please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Captains Log 25 Sep 2016

A’hoy shipmates,

Welcome to Day Eight.

This morning we enjoyed a shore excursion to Crocodile Creek in the Yampi Sound were we swam and played Evan’s premier water polo/netball sport. This sport entails a little bit of netball skills and competitive swimming in order to score as many goals as possible. It is a fast paced and thrilling game.

As part of the tradition at Crocodile Creek, we hung a voyage mobile that we all signed to mark our visit. Danny, the engineer, constructed the mobile from pieces of driftwood and a voyage key ring.

We particularly enjoyed this visit as the area is extremely remote and a wonderful place. The Yampi Sound was incredibly beautiful especially at sunrise and sunset. Our vantage point, where we anchored, was close to the very welcoming shore and enabled the crew to see plenty of marine life such as dolphins, sharks, fish and a crocodile. We have also seen whales as we have sailed thus far.

Once we had comeback from our shore expedition, we set sails and set the square sails for the first time. The top and topgallant sails were set as well as the jib, forestay, mainstay and main sails in an impressive display of the STS Young Endeavour.

After the sails were set, we went into demonstrational tacks so each of the youth crew could experience tacks from the bridge. This allowed the crew to gain an in-depth understanding of sail theory and to view the weighted sails from an external view; as the crew rotated through labour-intensive and bridge roles.

Yours aye,

Lucas and Jess.



Happy Birthday to Lacey Lee!

Jasmin: Hi Mum, Dad & Mitch, miss y’all <3 mum; can you bring the orange dog tag in the Minnie mouse cup on my desk (geocache trackable, its got a picture of a bug on it) pls n ty. <3 J see you soon.

Matthew: looking forward to coming home

Daisy: no regrets, love it! J

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