Voyage name: 
21 - 31 May 16
32 54 S
151 47 E
Currently at chor just to the north of the Newcastle Harbour Breakwater and enjoying light WNW winds with .5m SE swell. The current temperature is 14 degrees
Hi Everyone, Welcome to day nine of our voyage. Please enjoy reading the second part of Command Day which has been written by Maddie from White Watch. Until tomorrow, take care Yours Aye Captain Gav Captains Log 29th of May 2016- Day 9 Good Evening greetings from Maddie from White Watch, Today has been a busy day for all Youth Crew for our second half of Command Day. As we approached Newcastle this morning, the swell became high with winds reaching up to 30 knots. The Youth crew were faced with a range of challenges regarding the route and time of tacking throughout the morning to reach our final destination. As the morning watches took place and the winds picked up, it became harder to get to Newcastle. Elected Youth Sail Master, Watch Officer, Navigators and Captain conducted the morning brief in a similar fashion to that of which the staff crew conduct the brief. This included a humorous story by the youth crew in alliance with Staff Watch Officer ‘Salty’ and Navigation from the Youth Crew. Happy Hour took place as per usual and a tack was conducted to maintain travel towards Newcastle. Difficult winds pushed great challenges for those heaving in on lines and sheets to set and furl sails. However, this challenge was overcome as we anchored safely in Newcastle just after 1200. A discussion with elected Captain James and Elected Sail Master Nick alongside the staff crew was conducted to mark off of the challenges we received yesterday, at the beginning of Command Day. As a youth crew we managed to achieve twenty out of twenty three challenges that were given to us by Captain Gav. Due to time and weather conditions the remaining three became incomplete unfortunately. However, the main challenge of reaching Newcastle safely was managed, thanks to the help of all youth and staff crews. Pizza night approached thanks to our chef Keely, followed by a Talent night. The talent night allowed the staff and youth crew to have a few laughs, some jokes and good times. The staff crew managed to set the laughter at a high level creating a version of the Rocky Horror Picture show using ship humour. Each Watch conducted a small act for the crew and youthies. Blue watch entertained us with an interpretation of the Titanic using members of their watch who had never seen the film to act out memorable scenes without sinking our ship to recreate the story. Red Watch created a song using the names of the staff crew to create an upbeat tune. White watch recited a poem dedicated to our Watch Leader Kenny about the journey he has taken us on and the time and experiences spent with him over the past nine days. The show ended with staff crew member Horto reading a poem and White Watch member Andrew singing a Michael Bublé song All of Me. Reflecting on the time we have spent together over the past nine days it enables us to remember the amazing moments we have spent together as a youth crew. Whether that is climbing aloft together, swimming together, living together and sometimes even being sea sick together. Our friendships will always be maintained and we will never forget this experience. No matter if we were elected Captain, Navigator , Watch officer or leader we are all part of a team and crew together. I know I will never forget the memories I have made and the friendships gained over the past nine days and cannot wait for the next two days to commence. Tomorrow we are looking forward to taking seventeen public members of Newcastle to climb on board and enjoy a half day sail with us on our glorious ship. We are sure they will enjoy themselves and will take away an experience they won’t forget, much like that of ours. Maddie Lockhart White Watch, Youth Crew Shout out!!! Big shout out to my amazing mum and dad. I’m having the best time (not ready to come home!!) but looking forward to sharing many stories with you both soon xx love Inika Shout out to the best brother Mitch in Melbourne and sister Mads; approaching that level of excitement of coming home now after Nav’ing the ship. See you soon Mum and Dad x - Love Nate Ahoy mateys! Managed to navigate our way out of a ships path at 2am J Much love and see you soon. Amber. Red Watch ahoy, I like the cut of your jib.