Voyage name: 
V14/19 Newcastle to Eden
17 Nov - 27 Nov 2019
37 04s
149 54e
Wind: SSW at 6 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Location: At anchor Snug Cove, Eden.
Ahoy shipmates...Command Day Part 2 and Cap K is still on a break...over to Captain Will.----------Ahoy there shipmates. We are onto day 9 of our voyage and the youthie's 24 hour command period has been wrapped up. The morning was kicked off when the last heading was made towards Eden around 0130 and all sails exempting the main stay-sail were tucked away for the remainder of the night. We then turned on our motors and the staff on board took the helm and proceeded to safely steer us into Two-Fold Bay in which Eden lies. We dropped anchor in Snug Cove at Eden around 0230 and shortly after this, a few of the command team members made up a plan for anchor watches in which different 3 person watches are held overnight at anchor to assure the vessel’s safety and safety of those on board. At 0530 our three master chefs Thalia, Baz, and Arie woke up to cook breakfast for the rest of the crew, with an exception for Baz who felt like a both ill-timed but expected sleep in. When the rest of the crew were given their wakey-wakey call which consisted of singing done by navigator Louisa and watch officer Zoe, they then began their laps of the deck followed by a game of bomb and another of bang. Once the games were wrapped up we moved onto a breakfast of pancakes and following this, quickly gathered the whole crew at the bridge to sing the national anthem at 0800. The youth crew then carried out their own morning brief in which we had a brief from sail master Flynn, navigator Louisa, a play from watch officer Zoe featuring watch leader CJ as Captain Kenny and other youth crew as the usual characters. To finish up the morning brief captain Will gave a quick speech and the entirety of the youth crew then began to tie up loose gaskets and lay aloft on all of the yards. After photos were taken of all youthies on the yards, the undertaking of two new tasks then began, these were the construction of a hammock made up by lines supporting the entire youth crew and a beach landing carried out by a 6 person team in the RHIB. In this beach landing, the team was required to paddle the RHIB from Young Endeavour to the Australian mainland, gather all locals they could find in the area, and then broadcast them singing the national anthem with the locals, back to the ship. Shortly after completion of these tasks, the happiest hour of the day was carried out and the crew began cleaning all areas of the ship until spotless. Once the ship had been cleaned a brief ceremony was held in which command of the ship was given back to Captain Kenny in the form of his captain’s hat and spyglass. A lunch of barramundi cooked to perfection by Baz, tandoori chicken cooked by Arie, and a salad made up by Thalia was awaiting the crew upon completion of happy hour and all were hungry and eager to fill their plates and bellies up with the delicious meal. After lunch, around about 1300 all crew members except for Kenny and Harry were taken to Eden in the RHIB by Tracey and had until 1530 to do as they pleased in Eden, whether it was go to the beach with a few of the staff or for a select few, get lost on the other side of town in an attempt to find said beach. Once all crew had returned to the ship we had a short meeting in which we went over the tasks that the youth crew were able to finish during command day and then an activity in which we focused on positives, negatives, and most importantly, takeaways from command day. We will be wrapping up the evening with a barbeque dinner cooked by the staff and a few fun performances from both staff and youthies to bring the day to a positive end full of jokes, laughter and an amazing time
Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader, they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role, always about goal. Jeremy Bravo