Voyage name: 
V10/19 Airlie Beach to Gladstone
26 Jun - 06 Jul 2019
23 48s
151 33e
Wind: SE at 30-35 knots Weather: Overcast Sea: Rough - 3 to 4m Course: 185 Speed: 5 knots Location: South of Cape Capricorn
Ahoy shipmates...well a challenging night. The weather gods decided to let us have it for Command Day...currently under just a fore staysail and main staysail in 4 metre seas and 35 knots of wind...yeeha! The youth crew are taking it in their stride, although the dreaded green goblin has onced again reared it's ugly head. I'll hand over to the youth crew Captain and Sailmaster to fill in the details. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K.---------- day. The day we finally hand the ship back over to the professionals. Before we get into explaining all our finally activities for this voyage, we are going to first give you an insight to how our command night played out. This log will only be short, due to the lack of sleep everyone has gotten. Throughout the night, many challenges were thrown at us by Mother Nature, but we still remained calm and collected (which wasn’t on our minds). As we sailed through the night, our plans changed dramatically and instead of anchoring the ship at Great Keppel, the command team with great difficulty made the discussion to punch it south. After the command team made the tough call during the night, there was finally time to stop drinking coffee and head to bed. But before we could all get more than an hour sleep the sail master and his team decide to call a tack. Everyone was on deck in 15 minutes. After the tack it was smooth sailing until wakey wakey. We all woke up to the big loud speaker blasting ‘the climb’(song) which reflected our night perfectly. As all our fellow crew members were waking up from the luxurious slumber and inhaling the spectacular food, the command team tried to figure out our next route. When 10 o’clock come around, our fantastic crew passed the weight of the ship back onto the staffies and finally were able to take a deep breath. We came together as a whole ships company numerous times to achieve the unthinkable. The crew afterwards had a post brief on how command day turned out. There were many tired eyes and comments made about how the team performed, and overall we can say we accomplished our main focus of having fun while trying to stay alive. We are sad to say that today will probably be our last day of sailing the great seas and finally begin to head into our final destination. I must say this trip so far has changed every individual on this boat. Fraser- Shout out to my family and all my mates. A-Aaron: shout out to my friends and family who are living the high life while I am sailing the seas.I would also like to give a massive shout out to Sumo (the engineer) who was always up for a chat and the person who become the anchor the kept Fraser, Kate and I stress free while we took command of the ship. See ya all soon
Smooth seas do not skilful sailors make!