Voyage name: 
03 June - 13 June

Weather: overcast, passing showers; Wind: 160/26 knots; Sea State: 5; Temp: 24 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

The day started with the youthies of young endeavour waking up to a sunny morning anchored off south mole island. After preparing the morning brief the command team got the crew up to the bridge at 0830. This was the first brief the staffies took a step back and became the audience and the youthies put on a show. The navigator and captain went over the actual route taken on command day and then handed over to sail Master Bryce who went through the day’s plan. After all the official briefs the crew started one of their final tasks from the command day check list and sung the national anthem 5 times to the tune of 5 different songs, with the staffies guessing them all successfully.

An entertaining and funny performance was put on for us by T-dawg aka troy, despite only being asked to do so about an hour beforehand. The show involved the story behind the term 2, 6, HEAVE and although I’m not sure how true the tale was it was a good laugh.

Finally a much younger and more revealing Nanna finished off the morning brief for us with a bag full of clothes handing them out to all the youthies who had left their clothes lying around. Patchy almost went a whole day without having any clothes in nanna’s bag but eventually nanna pulled a shirt out. Nanna then planted a big wet kiss on the Captain’s cheek before disappearing down below.

At 1000 the youthies gathered at midships where the official hand over took place with Captain Zac handing over the Captain’s hat and telescope back to Captain Mike. Command day was now over and the check list was read over. The staffies deemed it a successful command day and the youthies went back to their duties in their watches.

Thanks heaps youthies command day was a great day.

Yours, aye

Capt Zac



Ahoy there Shipmates,

Thank you Capt Zac and your fantastic crew for taking such great care of Young Endeavour during Command Day. You were very successful in completing the tasks we set you and you managed to have a lot of fun along the way.

After the handback we launched into the Command Day debrief during which the Staffies who assessed each task gave feedback on task completion. That was followed by the analysis of the day as a whole. The youthies were split into three groups and asked to list the ‘positives’, ‘areas with scope to improve’ and ‘take aways’ from the day. We then all got together again to discuss the key issues from each group.

After lunch we launched the seaboat and ferried the youthies ashore on South Molle Island for a leg stretch, swim and a break from the Ship. Everyone had returned onboard by 1730 and we all got together again for another of Aaron’s delicious indoor BBQs (due to the incessant parade of showers and high winds that kept passing over the Ship). This was followed by some time for the watches to prepare their skits for the evening’s SOD’s Opera (Ship’s Operatic Department), which was held at 1930 at midships under the Ship’s awning.

The concert was very entertaining and the Staffies as well as all the watches presented individual acts, some of which were musical and all humorous. The show was hosted by Caitie and Lee who did a fantastic job.

The Ship will remain at anchor overnight with the youthies once again keeping anchor watches. It is planned to weigh anchor early in the morning and make the best of the time we have left to go for a sail and set the square sails.

Yours, aye

Capt Mike