Voyage name: 
V02/21 Sydney to Sydney
09 Mar - 19 Mar 2021
33 56s
151 29e
Wind: ESE at 25 knots Weather: Overcast, rain squalls Sea: Moderate Course: 044 Speed: 6 knots Location: 12nm east of Sydney
Ahoy shipmates! Day 9 has finally arrived, Command Day! I am very honoured to have been elected by the youthies as Captain of this ship for 24 hours, during which time I hope to do them and the staffies proud. We now have a list of 24 exciting tasks to complete! Prior to setting off today, we all conquered our fears and rose to the challenge of all youthies climbing aloft the foremast at the same time, complete with a photo for us to remember the moment.

We are now well underway on our journey to sail back to Sydney Harbour, braving some bumpy seas and changeable winds. I know that we're all going to look back with fond memories of our time here aboard the Young Endeavour, the good times we shared, the challenges that we rose to together, and the friendships that we made. We have some even more exciting activities planned for tomorrow morning! But I'll now hand over to Grace and Jayden. Until tomorrow, fair winds - Andrea.

Arrgh! Ahoy there! I like the cut of your jib. Day nine finally came and the crew has staged a mutiny and taken control of the ship for command day. We have been given 24 tasks to complete, each of which is a new fun adventure such as making a rope hammock, drawing a mural. We have been under the watchful eyes of our brave and fearless leader Captain Andrea, our super sailmaster Sas/Ski, trusty Nav Davo and our wonder watch leaders Ollie and Wit who have been running around organising all of our activities and helping us safely sail back home.

The swell is 2m high and throwing around the ship so our crew have been troopers tacking and wearing and keeping the morale high as the waves, and a kudos to the kitchen crew, Tashie, Ruby and Grace who have taken over for the amazing Keely whilst making delish meals rocking back and forth like crazy. The day started cruisy, waking up as normal and having our lovely morning brief with a special visit from our favourite stowaways Salty and Nana who was rocking the gothic vibes with her outfit, including pirate fishnets just for Dan (you had to be there).

The crew then banded together and every youthie about climbed aloft even the ones who were a little terrified (Go Georgia and Grace!!), photos were taken and we all climbed down and organised our new watches, Dolphins and Whales, then took off into the sea at about 1400, settling into our new roles wonderfully and working like a well oiled machine.

The Young Endeavour trip feels like its gone by in a flash and it's unbelievably almost over, everyone on board has really formed a bond and we're all so close it feels like we've know each other for years and not just the nine days we've spent on this 44m long ship, and so in true captian Kenny fashion I'm going to leave with a quote (of which he gave three today what a treat!) "Life is short and you won't remember every detail, of every moment but what you will remember was the way you felt, the relationships you made, the challenges you overcame and how far you've come, so live every moment like its your last".

To my mama and Lenna at home, the thing they said about seasickness going away in two days or so, they lied, still feeling it even today but one thing this trip has taught me is perseverance and how far I can push myself, I love you both so much, I'm safe xx I expect a big hug when I get home and a nice hot bath with epson salts, see you both soon - Boo.

I doubt anyone knows about the capatain's log, noneless to Nana and Poppy missing you a metric and imperial ton (Poppy can tell the difference), Fabers too hoping to see you all back ashore and Olivia waiting to see again having lots of fun and always finding something to do, see you back onshore - Jayden