Voyage name: 
V19/16 Fremantle (WA) to Esperance (WA)
28 Nov - 08 Dec 2016
33 Deg 57 Min South
122 Deg 01 Min East
A great sunny day and cool evening. Temp is currently 16C, Wind Light and Variable although a front is approaching and we get a sense the winds are settling in from the west. Negligable sea and swell here at anchor.
From Captain Dave (Junior), The Youth Crew weighed anchor at approximately 1830H on the 05/12, from a secure anchorage at Boxer Island, bound for Woody Island which sits 8.5nm from Esperance. With the last major leg of the journey underway, the Youthies eagerly set sail into the calm and clear night. The first challenge for the Youthies was to navigate around a way-point west of Figure Eight Island. The navigators, Jacob and Kate, hoped for an average speed of four knots throughout the night, but were slighted by the non-existent wind. This meant a tough few hours as the watches (red, white and blue) were called together for drastic action in order to eek out as much speed as possible. Tacking to no avail, the crew soon learned one can set all the canvas in the world but it makes no difference without the wind. After much convincing from the youth officer of the watch, Charlie, the staff graciously allowed the Youth Crew use of the engines. Watches continued as planned throughout the night while the watch leaders and their tireless crews set about completing the command day tasks. After a long and testing night for all, the only thing that could lift the spirits of the Crew was the smell of a French themed breakfast wafting through the galley prepared by ever diligent Youth Chefs, Justine, Jaz and Noemie. The brilliant breakfast was paired with a seamless anchorage and followed by a stunning visit to Woody Island. As a part of the command tasks, the crew was required to row a RHIB to Woody Island to secure the beach for landing. Once the entire Youth Crew was safely ashore, we set out enthusiastically on a hike to the 130m summit of the island to enjoy a view of the Young Endeavour and the breathtaking Western Australian Coastline. The day came to a perfect close with a refreshing swim and snorkel in the shallows around the island. As our time on the Young Endeavour comes to a close, we have to thank all the staff crew and other administrative personnel, without whom these voyages would not be possible. Their constant advice and support helps to create a learning environment like no other and foster personal growth for the diverse range of Youth Crew members aboard. A final thanks to the Youth Crew themselves for making this experience so memorable. Dave Junior Captain Dave (Senior) - it is often said a good leader never opens a speech, presentation or in this case a Log by apologising. But we must apologise for some connectivity issues and the late placing of this Log. Nonetheless, I must say we were all totally absorbed by Command Day. When we debriefed the Youth Crew read out their tasks and rated their achievements. The last task was to have fun and enjoy the opportunity. An overwhelming cheer and rounds of applause echoed off the granite shore line of our little bay at anchor. For me it reflected the success of the 24 hours and the superb efforts by the Youth Crew - I see what they achieved and how they achieved it and know that the future of Australia is in very good hands. We will weigh anchor early in the morning and enter Esperance for a 'half day sail'. More on that tomorrow. Regards, Dave and Dave ...
Command Day invited us to reflect on how we achieved success. Perhaps the Chinese Proverb best sums it up ... "I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand".