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Ahoy there land lovers,

It’s Captain Abby the Ranga Captain here again! Overnight the rotational Youth crew watches successfully manned the ship while the Staffies had a restful night!

During the night there was lots of activity on deck as the Youth Crew set and furled various sails to maximise speed to reach the final way point by 1000 on the 29th of May. At 0700 the Youthies were all awoken by a very upbeat wakey wakey tune, and they started filing through the café to enjoy another delicious meal prepared by the wonderful Chefs.

Meanwhile the Navigator, Watch Officer and the on watch crew were checking the charts as we neared our final two waypoints near Fitzroy Island. At 0820 (an hour and forty minutes before required) we had reached the final waypoint and the Youthies advised the Staff crew that we were ready to anchor. Once at anchor the Youthies completed more of the 23 set tasks before handover occurred. These included… snapping a photo with the entire youth crew laying aloft, building a hammock on deck to support the weight of all the Youthies, and of course conducting an entertaining morning brief for the Staffies.

Today the Youth Crew successfully handed the ship back to the Staffies, after a very challenging but rewarding command day!!

Yours aye,

Captain Abby the Ranga Captain


As Youth Captain Abby detailed, Command Day was an incredible journey; a day filled with individual and team discovery, challenges, lessons, friendships and rewards!

After the ceremonial handover of the ship back to staff, the Command Day debrief took place before the YC proceeded ashore for a swim, snorkel and to play some games. On their return a BBQ dinner was devoured then a ships concert took place between rain squalls. Each watch performed a skit (all were very humorous), Sam sang a couple of tunes (incl. an original), whilst strumming guitar and Neety performed a lovely song, solo. It was a very enjoyable and entertaining evening.

Now the YC have anchor watches overnight and it is our intention to get underway at 0630 and proceed alongside Marlin Marina, Cairns. We will then pick up our ‘Community Day Sail’ guests from Cairns PCYC and show them a great time sailing this beautiful brigantine, for several hours. Young Endeavour was a gift to all the Youth of Australia, including those less fortunate, so It’s always a highlight showing our Community Day Sail guests the ropes and getting them involved in sail setting and furling.

Until tomorrow.

Yours Aye,

Captain Adam the Real Ranga Captain!