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Wind: 020 @ 15. Swell: Nil. Temp: 18

Ahoy there shipmates,

DEVELOPING: The Young Endeavour tall-ship has been spotted in the beautiful harbour of Sydney at approximately 1030 this morning, coming to a very relieving anchor just near Taronga Zoo. The Youth Crew suspected of taking over the ship have been apprehended by the Staff onboard and it is now under their safe hands once more.

And what a rollercoaster 24 hours it was taking the reigns of the Young Endeavour. When we last checked into the Captain’s log, we were on course headed north from Botany Bay for Sydney Heads – if only it was as simple as it sounds. As we tried to catch a faint nor-easterly wind, put constant fixes on the charts and kept a watchful eye out for contacts out at sea, the view over my left shoulder as I write this log now of the lit Sydney Harbour Bridge seemed so so distant. Our main goal set during the night was to check off Task 3, which was for the Nav to work closely with the Watch Officers and guide us to the final waypoint just outside the North Heads between 0900 and 1000. And that we did. The course involved steering too near to a buoy, possibly a 360 (not too sure) and a very large lack of sleep. But regardless, here we are at our final destination – Sydney. Success.

This morning, in our very last hour of control, the crew spread across the ship and conducted a very successful Happy Hour! Brass has been polished, heads have been scrubbed, floors mopped, galley sparkling clean and we handed the ship back over to the Staff the way they handed it to us. Mums should be very proud.

As Youth Crew Captain, it gives me great pride to honour the people that made this successful command day possible. As a crew, everyone pulled equal weight which resulted in a 21/22 tasks judged to be complete. Navigation arguably had the toughest job. They were challenged by the conditions and were forced to make critical decisions, and quite obviously credit is due because of where we weighed anchor this morning. The Watch Leaders played an integral part also, in organising their watches and getting the crew into correct positions to set and furl sails and a tack at midnight. And then the crew, a massive thanks is in order because they were our muscle, they were the hands and they made it happen. Lastly, to the chefs or ‘Cheffets’. They organised, cooked, served and cleaned 3 meals for 30+ people (over 100 meals), that all turned out marvellously. A quote from one of the staffies J-Rad: “The best food so far I’ve had on command day”. So to Wes, Jacqie and Sam, thank you girls for fuelling the crew, and putting in the long hot hours in the galley – you were perfect.

So for Voyage 02/14, thank you Youthies! I love you!

See you all soon,

Yours Aye,

Captain Olie

p.s. Thankyou Mum, Jo and La for coming down today and embarrassing me. Just jerkin’ ya gherkin! If you didn’t realise, I was the half naked one at the very front waving like a madman. Love you lots! It was so good to see you 

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive … Because what the world needs are men and women who are fully alive.” – John Eldredge

“Determination. Heart. Discipline.” Doc Rivers (Head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers)

“It’s all about never giving in!” Paul Pierce, Brooklyn Nets

Wish you were here, C.

Love, Jack

Hey hope you’re all having fun at school while I’m sailing the high seas! Don’t miss me too much xoxo Angela

Hey Mum (Lorraine),

This trip has been amazing really unforgettable. Many accomplishments, have learnt a lot and have met some lovely people. In saying this it has been hard and have not had that much sleep. Can’t wait to talk to you.

Love you lots xxxx xxxx xxxx Weslee Laura

Shout out to my mob back at Tucabia. Have had the best time of my life on this voyage, I have meet some really great people and I can’t wait to see you guys when I get home.

Loves you guys and ill see you in a few days

Love Merinda


Shout out to my family all the way back in Cairns! You will never believe the things I have seen and done on this amazing boat, it’s not everyday you get to sail the ol’ Bass! And I was only sick once! I can’t wait to see you all!

Lots of Love Kelsea


Bec only 2 more sleeps then ill see you at 7 :P I hope you enjoyed staying in my room without me but when I get back we will need another dominos or drive in night  so check the line up  Hey Mum and Dad I love you guys but I’m unsure if eating, showering, sleeping, and constantly feeling ill on a boat for 2 weeks was a good idea but thank you for the experience it has been amazing, please tell maddie that im a heaps better climber then her and I would smash her in a race to the topgallant and the views from there over Sydney harbour and unforgettable! Lauren is still adopted… Love you all <3 – MATT (REDWATCH{YEEWWW})


We navigated safely from A to B,

What happens next?

Just wait and see.

- By Sophie (who couldn’t have done it without moral support by Conrad and Bryony)