Voyage name: 
21-31 May 16
33 30 S
151 21 E
Currently located 12nm to the NE of Broken Bay and experiencing moderate 14-18kt WSW winds with a 1-2m SW swell. Our current speed is 4kts and the temperature is 13 degrees.
Hi Everyone, Welcome to day eight of our voyage. Following a peaceful night at anchor in the beautiful Broken Bay we awoke to another cool morning with some passing showers. Following the normal morning activities we gave the Youth Crew Command Team an opportunity to meet with their Staff counterparts to discuss their roles and responsibilities and to learn as much as possible from the Staff before the commencement of the 24hr command period. At 1300 everyone was mustered at midships and during a short ceremony I handed Captain James the 'Telescope of Challenge' and in doing so giving the Youth Crew of Voyage 07-16 the responsibility of running the ship. During the 24hr command period they have numerous tasks to complete as well as navigating and sailing the ship safely the 50nm to Newcastle. One of the other tasks is to write the Captains Log for tonight and tommorrow so please enjoy reading Captains James Log on how the Command Day is going. Until tomorrow, take care Yours Aye Captain Gav Captain’s Log Day 8 – Saturday 28 May 16 Good Evening All, Today marks the eighth day of our voyage on the Young Endeavour, and as the newly elected captain of the youth crew, I am giving you an update on everything we have been up to. We started off the day in Broken Bay, with stunning views of the surrounding area and a small amount of rain earlier on in the morning. Day eight is also known as Command Day, and involves the youth crew taking control of the ship for a 24 hour period. After the elections last evening we had decided on who should fill each of the roles in our new leadership team and everyone else was rearranged into new watches. Before commencing Command Day at 1300h, we went through our standard morning routine including the always entertaining daily brief, which featured the reappearance of two of our favourite characters, Salty and Nana. Following this we moved into Opposites where the youth crew had the opportunity to question their staff counterparts on the finer points of Command Day. After this was finished we had our final meal before the challenge began. At the beginning of Command Day the youth crew received an envelope detailing a list of all the tasks that we should attempt to complete throughout our 24 hour command period. These tasks included the basics like maintaining safety, to the challenge of getting the ship to Newcastle. The new leadership team moved immediately into action and conducted the first exercise by having a number youth crew row to Fisherman’s Beach to locate our navigation information. Once there the crew also claimed the land on behalf of the Young Endeavour, thereby completing another task. Whilst these crew members were completing this task, the rest were working on designing a mural on the ship’s deck detailing the voyage so far. Finally once we all came together again we went aloft and had a photo taken with all of the youth crew up the foremast. After receiving a Spanish themed dinner from the newly elected chefs we weighed anchor and set sail for Newcastle. It is now 2100h and we are on track heading north up the coast with the youth crew conducting watches overnight. It has proven to be a long and challenging day, but the crew remains positive and are looking forward to the challenges of tomorrow. Youth Captain James