Voyage name: 
V10/19 Airlie Beach to Gladstone
26 Jun - 06 Jul 2019
23 02s
151 02e
Wind: SE at 25-30 knots Weather: Overcast Sea: SE at 2.0m Location: North of Great Keppel Island
Ahoy shipmates...Command Day so technically I'm on holidays. Over to the Youth Crew. Fair winds Cap K.---------- Captain’s Log day 8 Calvin & Francesca Hello to friends and family living in the real world! It is day 8, Command Day. The day we are in charge and have finally adapted to our new environment taking on our new roles as true sailors of this voyage. We began command day with a BANG (a good one don’t worry), and all we had was optimism. We don’t really know what happened above deck, along with Bella because we quickly discovered the horrors of attempting to cook for 36 people and right now we would like to give the kitchen back to Marcus. Despite this, the moment we had an opportunity for fresh air, we climbed above deck to acknowledge the hard work going on above deck. We appreciated the nicely drawn mural drawn on the deck by our shipmates. We also had the opportunity to climb aloft as a team. Roughly 30m above the deck, we managed to all sit on the boat’s yards, just to pose for a photo. May we add, we scrubbed up well for people who are living on a ship, surrounded by boys who have limited showers. Our favourite part of the above deck visit was the sketchy yet surprisingly relaxing hammock that was made as team, using only ropes. It was nice to know that they actually did good work without us! We managed to all sit on it safely without falling through. Good work team. Since we do know a lot about dinner and the galley, Marcus gave me (Calvin) 2 chillies for telling harmless jokes that may or may not have attacked his career as a good chef (he is REALLY good). Besides that taking the galley was a great experience, Francesca taught us the sauce making of Italy and we put a whole carrot and onion in a pot of sauce, very interesting. As most people will say as we wined and dined to Italian cuisine alongside some Italian music, the food tasted just like Nonna’s. Overall it was great and maybe after seeing my hard work Jasper will stop telling me to get back in the kitchen. The day continued with much more sailing, and overcoming of challenges. As we write this Captain’s log, we struggle to sit straight. The boat is sailing on a tilt. “We are being rocked by mother nature”(Max,2019). Trying to stand straight, shower, eat and go to the toilet whilst sailing, is not always a good mix. The end goal is to make it safely back to Great Keppel, or further south! We can do it! The leaders behind us are strategically planning to succeed. You will hear from us tomorrow on how we went. Great optimisim, and energy, we got this. See you all soon. Much love xoxoxo
The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts the sails.” William Arthur Ward