Voyage name: 
12-22 July 16
17 39 S
146 13 E
Currently located 10nm to the SE of Innisfail and experiencing moderate 12-15kt ESE winds with a .5m SE swell. Our speed is 5kts and the temperature is 18 degrees
Hi Everyone, Welcome to day eight of our voyage. The large rain belt that had caused so much rain in Northern Australia continued to cross over the Northern Queensland Coastal overnight which meant that we awoke to another wet morning which resulted in the cancellation of our Early Morning Activity. Following morning brief and cleaning stations the Youth Crew were given some question time with their Staff Crew counterparts prior to taking command of the ship. At 1300 all of the Youth Crew and Staff were mustered at midships and I conducted a brief ceremony where I officially handed over the ‘Telescope of Challenge’ and the responsibility of running the ship for the next 24hrs ship to Youth Crew Captain Ellen. What followed, was a very good planning phase which saw the Youth Crew Command Team methodically plan how they would achieve all of the tasks they had been set. After completing a number of these tasks the order was finally given at 1530 to weigh anchor and depart Dunk Island. Despite requesting the use of main engines to depart the anchorage they were not required as the Youth Crew achieved a perfect sail away from the anchorage. Once clear of any navigational dangers they set the remaining fore and aft sail then shaped a course to the NNE. As the evening progressed the wind freshened from the east and the Youth Crew have continued to sail the ship well and look well on track to achieving their final waypoint at Fitzroy Island by 1000 tomorrow morning. The time is now 2100 and we are currently located 10nm to the SE of Innisfail sailing close hauled under fore and aft sail. One of the many tasks to be completed over the 24hr Command Day period is for the Youth Crew to write tonight and tomorrows Captains Log so please enjoy tonight’s edition written by Maddie and Jess with Captain Ellen chipping in to write the final paragraph, enjoy! Until tomorrow, take care Yours Aye Captain Gav Day Eight, Command Day! Hey guys it’s Maddie and Jess here, we stole Gav’s computer and decided to add some youthie flare to tonight’s captains log. This morning there was a hushed excitement running through the ship. Today the youth crew are ready to take all the responsibilities associated with commanding a tall ship. Courses will be drawn, sails will be set and the helm will be manned –all in a well structured mutiny. At 1300 today our fearless Captain Ellen, our delightful Sail Master Alec, dashing Navigator Grant and our almighty Watch Officer Ollo received our orders to sail from Dunk Island to Fitzroy Island with a long list of goals and tasks to achieve in the proceeding 24 hours. The first task completed was to have all 24 youthies up the 35 metre foremast for the greatest picture opportunity ever. This was successfully completed with photographic proof and a nice healthy shot of adrenaline. Then it was all hands on deck to begin our 64 nm journey to Fitzroy Island, by weighing anchor and setting our sails to direct us to victory. Our three Chefs Sam, Sandy and Michael undertook the arduous task to cook for over 30 crew members and were triumphant! A scrumptious dinner of chicken curry and spaghetti bolognaise was enjoyed followed by a delicious Cake celebrating Bek’s birthday! We are looking forward to sailing through the night and working to achieve the rest of Captain Gav’s tasks. Our watch leaders Sarah, Ash and Daniel will help us keep the ship on course and on time overnight as we try to get some speed up as we head north. Weather is fair at 1900 but the young endeavour youthies are prepared for anything and hoping for some nice strong winds. We have decided to end the mutiny tomorrow at 1300 and we will be giving back command of our ship because this is really tiring and we already need a nap. We will hopefully see you tomorrow, depending on how mad Captain Gav is about us pinching his laptop –Adios, Maddie and Jess PS. Hi Lucy, Mum, Dad and Nan, miss you guys! –Maddie PPS. Miss you Colin, Mum and Dad - Jess Hey everybody, Captain Ellen here, the girls have given you an amazing rundown on the days events so I’m just here to say how lucky and proud I am of my fellow youthies! Every single person on this ship has put in 100% today and it is so great for me too see how far everyone has come since day 1. I have seen people do things they would never have dreamed of achieving when stepping aboard the Young Endeavour. Whether it’s climbing the mast, safely completing a stopper knot, or taking command of a group of their peers and setting sails, everyone has come leaps and bounds and I’m honestly so happy to be in command of such and amazing group people! Until tomorrow guys, stay safe! P.s Heya keezo! Miss you, see you soon!