Voyage name: 
V08/17 Sydney (NSW) to Sydney (NSW)
09 Apr - 19 Apr 2017
33 Deg 35 Min South
151 Deg 26 Min East
At anchor it was a glorious day. At sea - barometer 1011 Hpa and steady, sea state 2 with a long low southerly swell, wind southerly at 8 knots, temperature maximum 23 Degrees today and 17 Degrees this evening.
Good evening All, We awoke to a brilliant Pirates of the Caribbean morning with a great mist lying over the water in ‘our’ creek. After breakfast we had our morning brief and happy hour before a great session of Rope Races and deck games. We did the day a little differently. Being Easter Sunday we had a treasure hunt for chocolates – hid 200 chocolates throughout the Ship yet the Youth Crew managed to find nearly 220 chocolates … hmmm. We also had a very successful brunch with lots of goodies (baddies) thanks to Keely, Marcus and Dimi. In the early afternoon the Youth Crew took command of the Ship and the first order was for the pool to be opened – swim. The Youth Crew had to swim to the shore and find their instructions so we probably needed to swim anyway. I’ll let the Youth Crew take you through the rest of the day and perhaps let you know who is really running this show! Good evening, Captain Matt here. After experiencing the fine dining served up by the Youth Crew’s resident chefs we weighed anchor and set off for our Command Day starting point, where ultimately the Youth Crew would assume control of the Ship. Earlier on in the day Captain Yak formally handed over control of the ship and as a team we set to work establishing how we would tackle the tasks set, which included navigation, deck activities and a chance to put a personal touch on the all-important “Morning Brief”. Following a rope hammock activity and a dance party in the famous Yak Shack conducted by the Youth Crew, the Staff Crew took the helm as we sailed toward the mouth of Broken Bay, which signified the end of our motoring journey and official start of Command Day sailing. Tonight each of the watches, being Pink, Black and Green watch will rotate through four hour watch evolutions with the expectation of arrival at our destination off the coast of Port Jackson early Monday morning. Yours Aye, Captain Matt
"Must have faith in those who now have control of the Ship" ... Dave Jordan in Young Endeavour 16 April 2017