Voyage name: 
V02/17 Stanley (TAS) to Geelong (VIC)
15 Jan - 25 Jan 2017
37 Deg 57.3 Min South
114 Deg 58.0 Min East
Wind conditions- 10 -15knts SE tending easterly over night. Weather has been a glorious if not hot (31 degrees) Melbourne day.
Ahoy there! Important announcement from your new captain; The Youthies have taken over the Young Endeavour, the staff are on 24hr probation and we have taken command. At 1830 on the 21st January we quickly instated a democracy and elected our leaders in less than an hour, maybe we ought to show our government how to get things done. After our official ship handover at 1000 this morning our immediate priority was to get straight into having a seriously good time. This meant our day was full of climbing aloft, jumping off the bow Sprit, and yehahhing as we swung into the water via super fun rope swing. We have now spent 8 days at sea aboard the Young Endeavour and if there is one thing we have learnt during this time it would have to be that running a ship takes a lot of organisation and planning. In between our adrenaline seeking adventures of today we have also been plotting our course to Geelong, maintaining our hourly rounds and our 3 young endeavour master chefs Adrian, Jess and Sally have been working non-stop to feed a crew of hungry, hungry sailors. After much planning, predicting and checking our Navigation plans we decided to weigh anchor at 1830 and set sail for Geelong. In true tall ship style we weighed our anchor (its pretty heavy) without the use of engines. This of course presented a challenge that we have never encountered before and we are very pleased to say we were successful and underway in no time at all. ‘’More speed’’ cried the crew as Watch Officer Owen bought the ship onto her course. ‘’Lets set our beautiful squares’’ said Sailmaster Gen as the sun started to set on our Port beam. And so we did bringing our boat speed up to 3knts making Navigator Kit very pleased to be sailing 0.4 knts above our target boat speed. As for the Captain- I sit in the bridge listening to the Navigator working with the Watch Officers taking fixes, communicating to the Sailmaster who instructs the Watch Leaders to lead the crew who sail our great ship through the night and I am assured that there are no better people that I could be with on this epic journey. Tomorrow is a new day and with it comes new challenges, stay tuned to hear if we reach our destination on time and hear the nail biting tales of Navigating treacherous Port Phillip Bay! Captain Dave – all that needs to be said really! A great day at sea 