Voyage name: 
08-19 Feb 16
43 17 S
145 58 E
Currently located 8nm to the WNW of the entry to Port Davey and experiencing strong 25-35 SW winds with a 3-4m SW swell. Our current speed is 7.5kts and the temperature is 14 degrees.
Hi Everyone, Welcome to day seven of our voyage. During the early hours of this morning the weather deteriorated and today we have really given our Youth Crew a taste of Tasmania's Wild West Coast at its worst!! 30-40kt winds and an angry 3-4m swell, we have had it all!! That said, everyone has come through it with flying colours and I believe thoroughly enjoyed the experience which is still continuing as the weather hasn't improved. It has really been a day of setting and furling sails and just hanging on because it these conditions it has been impossible to run any other activities. When not on watch we have tried to give the Youth Crew as much rest as possible but most have volunteered to remain on deck or to be available at short notice to help with the sailing of the ship. Currently we are located 12nm to the NW of the entry to Port Davey and at our current speed we should enter the sheltered waters of this spectacular World Heritage Area within the next two hours then proceed to anchor by 2200 in Bramble Cove. Due to the bad weather I have not asked the Youth Crew to write the Captains Log for tonight as it really is difficult to sit in front of a computer in these conditions so you have just got this short entry from me. Until tomorrow, take care Yours Aye Captain Gav