41° 7' South
146° 8' East

Weather: fine, Wind: Light and variable, Swell: 0.25 northerly, Temp: 18 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

Overnight the ship continued on passage south-west towards Ulverstone, a town 15 nm west of Devonport. We were woken at 0700 by Blue Watch singing the attached song.

After the morning brief, at which Salty explained the terms ‘Hunky Dorey’ and ‘Hi-Jacked’, and ‘happy hour’ the youth crew underwent my assessment known as ‘Captain’s Setting and Furling’ at which myself, assisted by Sumo, task each watch individually to furl and set two sails, without any Staff Watch Leader direction. This is a competency assessment necessary before they can progress to Command Day.

After lunch I gave the youthies the Command Day brief and then allowed them one hour to conduct their Command Day elections, the results of which follow:

Captain – Annabel de Jong

Sail Master – Clay Gowers

Navigator – Owen Sigal

Watch Officers – Benjamin Cook, Rebecca Di Napoli and Andrea Craigie

Watch Leaders – Roishin Cooper, Brock Lloyd and Alexandra Condon

Chefs – Kieran Sheehan, Sean Edens and Montana-Lee Kisi

Congratulations to all those who have been elected by their fellow youth crew members to be in leadership positions and good luck for tomorrow.

At 1600 we anchored off the coast at Ulverstone, about 15 nm west of Devonport. The youthies went for an afternoon climb before we had a BBQ dinner on the upper decks, prepared by Chef Aaron and the Engineer Sumo. After cleaning up from dinner the crew had some time off before the movie ‘Around Cape Horn’ was screened in our outdoor theatre after sunset.

It is intended to remain in our current anchorage overnight and I will hand over control of the Ship to Youth Crew Captain Annie at 0800 tomorrow. At the same time I will give him a list of 20 tasks to be completed by the youth crew between 0800 tomorrow and 0800 on Friday, when she will hand the Ship back to me, hopefully in the same condition that I gave it to her!

Until tomorrow, when you will hear from Youth Crew Captain Annie instead of me,

Until tomorrow,

Yours Aye

Captain Mike


(to the tune of ‘Mambo No. 5)

2, 6 heave alright

Everybody from their bunks come on it’s time to

Have some breakfast, take a shower

Get dressed even though you really don’t wanna

The day’s bright so come on let’s go

We got work to do, places to go

We got climbing, heaving, checking away

We’re gonna do it, long, to the end of the day

A little bit of sailing in the sun

A little bit of furling ‘cause it’s fun

A little bit of climbing in the air

A little bit of sliding here and there

A little bit of sunblock on your face

A little bit of counting keeping pace

A little bit of dolphins at dawn

A little bit of food from Aaron.

So get up, get on your way!