20° 47' South
149° 15' East

Weather: Fine, Wind: light and variable, Swell: nil, Temp: 25 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

Overnight the Watches were kept busy through the night finishing off the Bearex / ‘Apples and Onions’ activities as well as managing the sail plan to suit the wind and practising for their assessment in the morning.

During the morning watch Sandy and Dougie prepared the deck for Captains setting and furling assessments, which Lindsey and I kicked-off with Red Watch at 0715. Each watch cycled through the assessment and was judged to be safe to set and furl the sails by themselves with the staff crew only monitoring safety. This would then enable the watches to progress to Command Day tomorrow.

Once the assessments were completed the staffies anchored the Ship off the jetty at Brampton Island. After lunch Watch Officer Marty ferried the youthies ashore in the seaboat. All Youthies had returned onboard by 1600 and all were saying ‘what a great break ashore they had and how much they’d enjoyed the bushwalk, having a snorkel and relaxing on the beach.

After a quick shower and clean-up of the Ship I sat everyone down for a brief on Command Day. We then tucked into a fantastic teak deck BBQ and enjoyed the atmosphere on deck with delicious food, beautiful sunset views and great company. Navigator Miquela then gave those interested a demonstration on how to use a sextant to take star sights. On completion the youthies held their Command Day elections.

Congratulations to the Youth Crew who were elected as follows:

Captain – SOS

Sail Master – Ciara

Navigator – Bridget

Watch Officers – Gilly, Ethan and Frog

Watch Leaders – Brady, Sammy and Kris

Chefs – Connor, Branagh and Johanna.

To finish off the night Sandy put on a movie at midships about sailing a Tall Ship around Cape Horn. There really is no better end to a fun day sailing a tall ship than kicking back with your shipmates and watching a film about the days of old on an ‘old school projector screen’ with the stars above.

We shall remain at anchor overnight with the Youthies keeping anchor watches and recharging their batteries for tomorrow when they take charge of the ship.

Until tomorrow, yours aye,