21° 39' South
150° 14' East

Currently at Anchor at Middle Percy Island and enjoying light ESE winds with nil swell. Current Temperature is 18 degrees. 

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 7 of our voyage. Regrettably overnight and during the early hours of this morning the wind moderated to less than 8kts which meant that we had to utilise main engines.

By morning brief were located 12nm to the north east of the Percy Islands sailing under a reduced fore and aft sail plan. Prior to morning brief this morning I conducted Captains setting and furling drills, these drills are the final training activity prior to the commencement of Command Day and ensure that all watches can safely set and furl all sails. On completion of this activity and morning brief we went straight into the Captains Sail Challenge, which requires the Youth Crew to bring the Ship under a ‘full press’ of sail without any assistance from their Watch Leaders. Impressively this was achieved in under the required time and demonstrated to the staff that the Youth Crew had ‘hoisted in’ all of the previous seven days of training.

With this activity successfully completed all sail was handed in and we came safely to anchor at Middle Percy Islands West Bay. Once safely at anchor the Youth Crew were ferried ashore were they were given the opportunity to explore different parts of the Island, look at the yachting memorabilia left in the Islands A Frame hut and enjoy the spectacular beach.

This evening with everyone back onboard we witnessed a spectacular sunset whilst enjoying a Teak Deck BBQ dinner. Once we had cleaned up from dinner I conducted the Command Day brief which was followed by the Command elections.

Elected Positions

Captain - Laurence

Sail Master - Jane

Navigator - Alana

Watch Officers – James, Lance, Matt

Watch Leaders – Jess, Tyaan, Phil

Chefs – Courtney, Josh, Ryan

To complete the evening’s activities we are currently screening on deck the classic Tallship movie ‘Around Cape Horn’. On completion of this movie we will settle into anchor watches overnight ensuring that everyone will be well rested for tomorrows challenging Command Day.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Quote of the Day

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body,

But rather to skid in sideways,

Chocolate in one hand,

Wine in the other,

Body thoroughly used up,

Totally worn out and screaming

“WOO HOO what a ride!”