Voyage name: 
V02/21 Sydney to Sydney
09 Mar - 19 Mar 2021
33 35s
151 15e
Wind: SE at 5 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Location: At anchor Challenger Point (Broken Bay).
Ahoy shipmates and welcome to Day 7.

It has been a cracking day weather wise. Ater the soaking of the last 24 rain, yeeha! Another busy day as we head towards Command Day...48 hours and counting!

Once again the youthies have covered the day eloquently below, so I'll hand you over to Ruby and Brendan. Back to sea's what we do! And the weather is looking a little kinder.

Until tomorrow, fair winds,
Cap K----------

Ahoy there everyone!

The rough seas from yesterday (day six) continued into the night, making sleep an elusive, and at times, a somewhat dangerous endeavour (not really). Throughout the night watches many people got unexpected on-deck showers from some freak wave action, turning Ruby's fresh tea into a salty soup, followed by Davo and others who quickly found support in whoever was nearby and happened to have two feet planted on the deck.

Much to the relief of the crew who were awake at the time, at approximately 0300, Red watch furled all remaining sails and switched to powered travel as we entered Jerusalem bay, putting an end to the onslaught of rough swell. Finally, sleep without fear of being savagely thrown out of the bunk (heard of lee sheets anyone?).

Keely made another delicious cooked breakfast for us (once again, luv ya Keely. Wouldn't be able to do it without you), the first meal in a while that all youthies could be confident that they would be able to keep down. Captain Kenny's close friend 'Salty' and his crew also gave a spirited performance (AHOY THERE!!!), filling our heads with yet more amazing naval history facts (Do you know what a cat-o'-nine-tails is?). After round of ropies was played and it was established that Reggie truly is The Man (u da man Reg) we had nearly all the youthies hanging out on the yards to tidy some sails up, and get a great view of the ship and Jerusalem bay.

Once we'd wrapped up with lunch, the crew were kind enough to take everyone ashore on the small boat, a strange sensation to have solid ground beneath your feet after spending so many days on a rocky ship. We sat down at a park facing Patonga Beach to go over our goals of the voyage and talk about our progress. Before heading back to the ship, we were even able to go for a quick bushwalk to overlook the bay and admire the handsome Endeavour. Great views, expect some amazing photos to come from today!

It must be a big day ahead tomorrow, because the staff crew decided to keep us in Broken bay tonight, so we're looking forward to a quality night's sleep this time. As we sit in the chart house writing this log, we are looking outside towards the rest of the youth crew laying aloft on the yards, getting an awesome view of the sunset (obviously keeping you good folk out there updated is worth missing a sunset or two <3).

Continuing the trend of every day since day two; "Day seven is better than day six!" - Ollie
We'll be home before you butter your bread, lots of love from Ruby and Brendan, and the rest of the youth crew, the coolest kids on this boat.

To the loved ones:
Hey Mum (I'm assuming you're the one checking the Young Endeavour emails. We're near palm beach tonight (so close but so far!!). Love you lots and lots. Tell Eddie to stay out of trouble and give the cats another pat (feed the fish too). Can't wait to see you all in four days time xoxoxo-Rubes
Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the wrong. Sometime in life you will have been all of these. Lloyd Shearer