Voyage name: 
16-26 June 16
23 09 S
150 58 E
Currently at anchor at Great Keppel Islands Wreck Beach and enjoying light WNW winds with nil swell. The current temperature is 16 degrees
Hi Everyone, Welcome to day seven of our voyage. By sunrise this morning we were located 22nm to the south east of Great Keppel Island motor sailing in light and variable conditions. Following morning brief I conducted Captains Setting and Furling Drills which is the final assessment prior to handing the ship over to the Youth Crew for Command Day and I was extremely pleased with the high standard of all of the watches during this activity. Once completed the Jarrod the BOATSO (Boats Officer) gave a very informative and interactive Rules of the Road presentation, then to finish the mornings activities I through a lifebuoy over the side and as part of Staff Crew continuation training we conducted a Man Overboard Exercise. With the lifebuoy successfully recovered we shaped a course to the west then proceeded to anchor at Great Keppel Islands picturesque Wreck Beach at 1140. Early this afternoon we ferried all of the Youth Crew ashore to Wreck Beach where they were given the opportunity to swim, play beach sports or enjoy a long walk along this beautiful beach. By 1630 everyone was safely back onboard and following a very enjoyable Teak Deck BBQ dinner I conducted my Command Day Brief which led into Command Team elections. These elections are now complete and the Youth Crew have now settled in to watch the classic tall ship movie ‘Around Cape Horn’ which we are screening under the stars on Young Endeavour’s movie screen. Given that this evening is State of Origin we will also give those of the Youth Crew that are ‘footy fanatics’ the opportunity to watch the televised State of Origin game (if we can get reception) on the ships TV then on completion everyone will settle into anchor watches overnight ensuring that they are well rested for what should be a challenging Command Day. Until tomorrow, take care Yours Aye Captain Gav