36° 53' South
149° 59' East

2200 at sea - weather scattered cloud, wind SW 5 knots, swell E 0.5 knot, temperature 17 degrees, barometer 1010 hpa

Ahoy there, to all following the voyage,

Welcome to day seven, and the beginning of the much anticipated ‘Command Day’, a twenty-four hour period in which the Youth Crew assume command of the Young Endeavour. The ship’s crew was roused at 0630 h by AC/DC over the intercom and the smell of bacon and eggs. Following breakfast, Captain Damien assessed the competency of each of the three Youth Crew watches for the setting and furling of sails, an exercise known as the ‘Captain’s Setting and Furling’. This was a significant milestone in final preparation to hand over the ship to the Youth Crew, and each watch performed admirably. Shortly after, the ship anchored at Merimbula Bay in sunny conditions and the Staff Crew delivered an invigorating morning brief.

Preceding lunch, the Youth Crew showed plenty of pirate attitude to inquisitive seafarers and kayakers, and gathered to elect their own Youth Command Crew for the next twenty-four hours. It is my pleasure to introduce the twelve Youth Command Crew members for Voyage 01/12:

Captain Ryan

Sail Master Reece

Navigator Jack

Watch Officers Bec, Bernie and Georgia

Watch Leaders Emily, Will and George

Chefs Fabian, Elly and Sofia

From the election process it was clear that the Youth Crew had formed strong bonds of trust and friendship during the voyage to date, with gracious encouragement and support given to all successful nominees. I feel extremely privileged to be working with such a tenacious, supportive and positive crew of young Australians. Following some on-the-job training, Captain Damien officially handed over the Young Endeavour to the Youth Crew at 1400 h, who were given various challenging tasks and navigation points for the next 24-hours. During the afternoon, Youth Crew Navigator Jack plotted a detailed course to bring us into Eden whilst achieving objective waypoints, and the Youth Crew Chefs Fabian, Elly and Sofia prepared an exquisite dinner in the galley that was praised by all.

Under the guidance of the new Youth Crew Sail Master Reece, the ship was underway by 1815 h, with a long night ahead of all the crew before an expected arrival at Eden early tomorrow morning. The coastal lights of Merimbula and Eden will be our companions tonight, and as I write, many hands are on deck working the sails to coax some boat speed out of very light winds and an adverse current.

Until tomorrow, no doubt bringing news of a successful Command Day.

Yours Aye,

Youth Crew Captain Ryan