20° 15' South
148° 56' East

Anchored in Cid Harbour - Weather: passing showers, Wind: 140 / 10 kts, Swell: nil, Temp: 19 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

Overnight the Watches were kept busy undertaking the ‘Apples and Onions’ activity followed by anchor watches. During the first watch, when the 25, gusting to 30 knot, winds combined with the tidal stream running through Butterfly Bay, it was necessary to put out another shackle of cable as the Ship started dragging her anchor.

Sailmaster Kenny woke us at 0630 and after a quick EMA (Evolution) we had breakfast and then the Staffies weighed anchor and the Ship commenced the passage to Cid Harbour, our intended anchorage for this afternoon. After morning brief Lindsey and I commenced the Captain’s setting and furling assessments of the watches. Each watch was assessed as competent to set and furl the sails with a reduced level of supervision and the staff crew only there to monitor safety. This will enable the watches to progress to Command Day tomorrow.

Once the assessments were completed the staffies anchored the Ship in Cid Harbour. After lunch Watch Officer Jarred ferried the youthies ashore in the seaboat. All Youthies had returned onboard by 1730. After a quick shower and clean-up of the Ship I sat everyone down for a brief on Command Day. We then tucked into another fantastic dinner, which unfortunately couldn’t be prepared on the BBQ and eaten on deck due to the regular stream of passing showers. On completion we shared James’ birthday Pavlova and then the youthies held their Command Day elections.

Congratulations to the Youth Crew who were elected as follows:

Captain – James

Sail Master – Katie

Navigator – Lloyd

Watch Officers – Tilda, Josh (White) and Bec

Watch Leaders – Lachlan, Julia and Ash

Chefs – Caitlin, Elle and Raedon.

To finish off the night Kenny put on a movie in the cafe about sailing a Tall Ship around Cape Horn. The Ship was the famous ‘Peking’ and the film was narrated by Captain Irving Johnston.

We shall remain at anchor overnight with the Youthies keeping anchor watches and recharging their batteries for tomorrow when they take charge of the ship.

Until tomorrow, yours aye,