20° 47' South
149° 15' East

Currently at anchor at Brampton Island and enjoying light 5-10kt SE winds with nil swell. Current temperature is 14 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 7 of our voyage. Overnight we continued to make ground to the south and by sunrise this morning we were located 7nm to the south west of Brampton Island.

During the morning we continued with the training program, firstly with Captains setting and furling drills. These drills are the final training activity prior to the commencement of Command Day and ensure that all watches can safely set and furl all sails. This was followed by the Captains Sail Challenge which on this occasion required the Youth Crew to bring the Ship under a full press of sail without the assistance of their Watch Leaders. This they achieved in a relatively short period of time which was extremely pleasing as it proved to the staff that the Youth Crew had ‘hoisted in’ the previous days of training. On completion of this exercise I initiated a man overboard exercise (MOBEX) so that the Youth Crew could be given the experience of handing in all sail and recovering someone from the water. On this occasion the man overboard was one of the ships lifebuoys.

With this activity successfully completed we proceeded into Brampton Island were we came safely to anchor at 1200. This afternoon the Youth Crew were ferried ashore were they were given the opportunity to play beach sports, have a swim or go for a walk along one of the scenic tracks on the Island. Unknown to us the Brampton Island resort had been closed 18 months earlier due to the down-turn in tourism so the planned use of the resorts kiosk by the Youth Crew was no longer an option. That said, the caretaker of the resort was very helpful and still gave the Youth Crew a tour of the resort and gave a brief outline on the proposed upgrade and new development for the island.

By 1530 everyone was back onboard and following another set of ‘rope races’ I gave my Command Day brief which was followed by the Command elections. This evening with these elections complete we enjoyed a teak deck BBQ dinner then everyone mustered on deck for the screening of the classic Tall Ship movie ‘Around Cape Horn’. The time is now 2130 and a tired Youth Crew has now turned in for a good nights rest in preparation for what will be a challenging Command Day.

Please find attached a Log Entry from Youth Crew members Tess and Jordi.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav 

From Tess:

We have made it to Day 7 and ever since hump day our time on the trip has been slipping away from us! It is hard to believe this time last week we had never met those around us who we now call family. We are currently anchored just off Brampton Island, all eagerly awaiting Command Day to kick off at 1300 tomorrow. I can’t wait to try my hand at my Command Day role as a Watch Officer! So far the trip has been an amazing adventure ranging from being one of the 20 sleeping bags lined up on the deck suffering from seasickness (we called it ‘joining the Navy ranks’) all night the second night (questioning what we had gotten ourselves into) to playing dodgeball on Whitehaven Beach or an early morning 21st birthday treat of snorkelling in Blue Pearl Bay, spotting dolphins and whales during our watches or discovering the most beautiful deserted beaches in the Whitsundays. And yes – we did manage to fit a little sailing in too! I have learned so much about what it means to be part of a team, and how the physical and mental power of 23 ‘rookies’ can lead us from thinking that the sheets were sails and not ropes on Day 1, to feeling not confident, but certainly up to the challenges that Captain Gav puts before us tomorrow.

I may have to be rolled off the ship thanks to all Chad & the Masterchef’s amazing meals – a special thanks to the guys that made me a Tiramisu birthday cake! I can’t wait to see my friends and family in a few short days. So to Mum, Rob, Andrew, Lachlan, Hamish, Adelaide & Eliza – I am having a ball, and most certainly have my sea legs for the fishing trip ;)! With love from Tess xx.

From Jordi,

I am in love! With Sailing that is! This past seven days has just flown by and all 22 members of the Youth Crew ‘Family’ have learnt so much! Most of us hadn’t sailed much before and now we are at the stage of ‘Command Day’…. We get to control and sail the ship all on our own! With roles elected we are ready to set sail to Mackay. We have all had turns cooking in the galley – with ‘Captain Cook’, taking watches (at ALL hours of the night), steering the ship and even being very, very sick (but not me haha). Swimming on the Great Barrier Reef and jumping off the rope swing on the boat into the freezing sea have also been some exciting moments. The bonding amongst everyone on the ship, both staff and crew has become very close and no-one wants the trip to end! I have learnt how to sail a tall ship and have loved every single moment of the voyage so far and can’t wait to be a Watch Leader tomorrow during ‘Command Day’. A special hello to Mum, Dad and Taylor, Mrs Butson and JT and Jenny  !!

Bring on the next 4 days!!

Jordi xx