Voyage name: 
V05/21 Newcastle to Brisbane
06 Jun - 16 Jun 2021
28 57e
153 44e
Wind: NW at 12 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Mild Course: 020 Speed: 4 knots Location: East of Ballina.
Ahoy shipmates…Day 6, and I’ll have be quick due to a network upgrade happening shortly. Another busy day, and finally the breeze has shifted to the west, allowing a great day of sailing. In short today we ticked off a meteorological brief, sail theory and demo tacks, where I talk the youth crew through tacking ship. Gotta go before they cut me off. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K.---------- On the morning of day 6, as Dancing Queen echoed through the berths, a weary crew rose for a brand new day. The night watches had gone smoothly, accompanied by moderate winds and a clear star-filled sky. There were minimal contacts along the coast apart from a few whales, though we were taken by surprise as a 228 metre container ship overtook us. As we travelled up the coast of Northern NSW, waving past Yamba and the Clarence River in the early-mid morning, the staff and crew welcomed Floral Friday with a bright and colourful display of flowery, pineapple and palm tree-themed shirts. After our morning brief, the day began with a fascinating meteorology talk from our navigator Emma, learning all about the difference between seas and swells, and the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone. The sounds of vacuum cleaners, Whitney Houston from the 12-berth and Hilltop Hoods from the galley marked our daily Happy Hour (the happiest hour of the day). This took us into lunchtime, where we indulged in delicious burgers, courtesy of our fantastic chef Keely. After lunch we began another round of our competitive non-competitive sport, Ropies. After a hotly contested practical knowledge quiz on the rigging of square sails, a bonus round saw the youthies experience unprecedented levels of brain freeze. Competitive zooper dooper eating saw an initial lead from the Blueys blown to the White Watch team, who ended up coming out victorious. After a short window of downtime, we were treated to an informative talk on sail theory from our Captain Kenny, which gave us some in-depth knowledge on what sails to use when, a closer look at what goes on at the helm, and some more tacking practice in preparation for Command Day. This led us into our first time practicing setting one of our square sails - a defining feature of a tall ship such as Young Endeavour. With all youthies getting a fair go at the many different ropes for the topsail, this exercise left us feeling very well-equipped for the fast-approaching Command Day. The late afternoon saw White Watch take over the helm, sailing into an orange sunset. The rest of us enjoyed some much-needed downtime in preparation for tonight’s watches, and a hearty dinner of lamb ragu and garlic bread. (Love and hugs to Mum, Dad, Tim, Granny and Uncle Q) Sophia and Hugh
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