Voyage name: 
25 April - 05 May

Weather: fine, Wind: SE / 18 kn, Sea State:4, Swell: SE / .0 m, Temp: 25 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

The ship remained at sea overnight making good speed in the fresh SE conditions, rolling occasionally when a larger easterly swell came through. The Youth crew were kept busy throughout the night setting and furling sails, as it was necessary to change the sail plan. Some watches undertook the leadership activity known as the ‘Bearex’, which is controlled by the watch leaders, who set their watch a task they have not seen before. They are, however, given a set of detailed instructions on how to complete the task. It is an initiative and leadership activity designed to provide the natural leaders an opportunity to step-up and take charge of the situation. The other watch undertook the activity known as 'Apples and Onions' during which the youthies learn from their watch mates, in a supportive environment controlled by the watch leaders, their strengths and areas they could improve.

Blue Watch wrote the lyrics to this morning’s Wakey wakey song to the tune of ‘the Lazy Song’ by Bruno Mars. Morning brief was held at 0900 which featured Salty explaining the nautical origin of the expression ‘to shake a leg’ and Nana taught the crew the song ‘Bananas’, having done her usual clean up of youthies clothing that had been left lying around the 12 berth and 6 berth cabins.

After Happy Hour I gave my Sail Theory presentation to each of the watches. This was aimed at providing the youthies with enough knowledge on how Young Endeavour’s sails produce drive to enable them to control the Ship successfully on Command Day (only 48 hours away now!). At 1300 Lindsey ran the next round of ‘Ropies’, at which the Blueys put in their first strong performance!

The crew then set a full press of sail in order to conduct Demonstrational Tacks during which the youthies rotated through the bridge while the Ship conducted a series of tacks to demonstrate how the bridge controls this activity. On completion we weared-Ship and set ourselves up for our overnight south-westerly run towards tomorrow morning’s intended anchorage off Brampton Island.

Until tomorrow, yours aye,