19° 22' South
36° 58' West

Currently located 410nm to the NE of Rio and enjoying moderate 10-15kt E winds with a 1m ESE swell.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 6 of our voyage. Since altering course to the NE late on Friday afternoon the ‘wind gods’ have continued to smile upon us with the Ship making good speed up the coast of South America. The swell is now down to 1m and any signs of seasickness have disappeared and you can see that our young mariners are enjoying themselves.


With these pleasant conditions we are progressing well with our training program. I have already given sail theory presentations to two of the watches and will complete the third later tomorrow and Matt the Navigator has started imparting his knowledge on the scientific art of navigation.

As expected the weather remains hot with high humidity but we did have a little reprieve today when we sailed through a passing rain squall which cooled things down for a short period of time. The nights and early mornings on watch remain the most pleasant with cooler winds and a break from the direct heat of sun.



Tonight Red Watches Vic & Robert kindly volunteered to write the Captains Log with a little assistance from their other watch members. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Hello to all you Young Endeavour followers, and welcome to another thrilling edition of the captain’s log.



Last night on the 8pm to midnight shift, red watch was particularly blessed to be able to climb up the foremast during the inky black hours of a balmy Atlantic night. When Matt our officer of the watch (what a guy) turned off all the deck lights, we were privileged to witness the firmament in all its naked brilliance, something I will not forget.



Plus, after that we got to sleep all the way through to wakey wakey in the morning which was a welcome treat.



That brings us to today, which has been pretty cruizy so far (no pun intended). We are still sailing roughly due north, with a mixture of sails and engine power to give us some wiggle room in our schedule, which we all hope will mean more opportunities to take a dip in the ocean later on.

We began the morning with the aptly named ‘morning brief’ where we covered the usual stuff like our plan for the day, where we are, what we’re doing etc etc. then we all headed down to midships so that the staffies could teach us some of their favourite songs, like the very catchy crabs and seashells, which were all very silly but a lot of fun nonetheless. Next up was happy happy happy hour, and after that those of us who weren’t on watch were able to lie around, reading, playing guitar, sleeping, or just enjoying the scenery.



Towards midday we had another round of rope races, in which red watch once again achieved victory, although there are many days yet to come so it is still very much anyone’s race.



Then it was another afternoon siesta before taking the last dog watch for the day.

As per the norm the food was excellent, so a special thanks to Aaron and his little helpers Amanda and Clare for all their hard work.

The sun is setting as I write this and the view is truly glorious, so I will leave you with this quote:



“Give me health and a day and I will make the pomp of emperors ridiculous, dawn shall bee my Assyria, sun-set and moon rise my Paphos and unimaginable realms of faerie, broad noon shall be my England of the senses and understanding, and the night my Germany of mystic philosophy and dreams.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Good night to you all.

Robert and Vic.



P.s. special shout out to Don Murdoch of Portland Oregon. Thanks to you for your support, we are all humbled. Fair winds to you as well. From Crew # 2



P.p.s Hiii dude, mum, mister Earle, schmiel & misty! yup I definitely havnt gotten used to motion sickness.. Grandma hope your on the mend. Also hope my car is still in one piece ;) much love, Vic.



Ppps. Hi pamily. Told you I’d write more than ‘there was weather’. Love Rob.

PPPPS. Hey Mum I’m still alive. Lewis I haven’t done anything you wouldn’t do... yet. Isaac I think you’ve got bigger swell then us and Lisa I hope you’ve been touching the ocean every day! Eva



Ppppps. I love you boo! Waddup, Canberra and Family beyond. Livin’ the dream, Ronald



PPPPPPS. Slan/Sanger/Arnie/Aunty Arn/Camo(it never stuck but thanks for trying…)/Sian & Goody/Lucky/Matt both say hi to all our favourite people; life on the Atlantic is exquisite.