Voyage name: 
V08/17 Sydney (NSW) to Sydney (NSW)
09 Apr - 19 Apr 2017
32 Deg 51.0 Min South
151 Deg 18 Min East
A gorgeous day with a top temperature of 23 Degrees, a long low southerly swell and light southerly wind.
Good evening All, Overnight we kept anchor watches and Brett our industrious engineer fixed the heads (toilets) - yeah! We awoke to a glorious day and at our morning brief we sang happy birthday to Kate. Nanna's sister Shaza (aka Brett) visited to help us clean. More work needed apparently! Boy's cabins got a special mention. We had to repay Shaz the favour so we went to midships and sang a song ('when I was one I sucked my thumb and ran away to sea' ... you get the drift). We also sung happy birthday to Kate. The Ship weighed anchor and we motored out of Port Stephens where we did rotational tacks - an opportunity to experience other positions in handling sails and doing deck work. We also saw dolphins and sang happy birthday to Kate. We anchored at Broughton Island at lunch time and went ashore for a swim and a walk. We enjoyed playing games and relaxing at this stunning sub-tropical island. Once back on board we did rope races and sang happy birthday to Kate. A delightful sunset with dinner watching the world, or at least six other boats, go by. It was the perfect back drop to sing happy birthday to Kate. We weighed anchor again and sailed from Broughton Island into a long, low southerly swell with the watches doing some navigation and sail handling. The moon lit night enabled us to serenade Kate with a happy birthday tune. Until tomorrow when we again reach Broken Bay, take care. Dave J Voyage Captain
I shared with the Youth Crew the story of an inspirational man, Vince Lombardi who was a legend NFL (Gridiron) coach in the US in the 1960's. Perhaps more importantly than being a great coach, he was a pioneer in recognising the need for tolerance and acceptance. Rather than quote him we talked about his inclusion and encouragement that led to so much success - the Super Bowl trophy is named after him. This Youth Crew have shown many of Vince Lombardi's great characteristics and traits.