Voyage name: 
21-31 May 16
33 29 S
151 31 E
Currently located 15nm to the NE of Broken Bay and enjoying moderate 12-15kt NW winds with .5m SE swell. Our current speed is 5kts and the temperature is 14 degrees.
Hi Everyone, Welcome to day six of our voyage. Given my busy schedule today I asked White Watch if they would write the Captains Log for this evening and straight away they agreed to take on this task, so please enjoy tonight’s entry written by Lucy and Pete with some shout outs from the rest of their watch. Until tomorrow, take care Yours Aye Captain Gav Ahoy there, Greetings from Pete and Lucy from White Watch. It is currently day six and the last 24 hours have been pretty hectic and tiring for us all. The ship’s rig needed a tune today which involved heading back to Sydney from Jervis Bay and sailing around the Harbour whilst tacking the ship and mastering our sail skills. As we were entering the Harbour we also got a spectacular view of whales playing around in the water. We started the day off with a cold and miserable front which eventually passed whilst in Sydney; from a grey, rainy sky we were welcomed once again with the lovely, warm sun. Once the rig was tuned, we made our way back out into the Tasman Sea, headed for Broken Bay. We also took advantage of some much needed rest whilst having a few games of Uno, relaxing on the deck and going for a climb. It’s currently 18:10 and we are on watch until 20:00 where we will spend time keeping watch, taking the helm, doing the rounds of the ship and enjoying each other’s company with a few jokes from our watch leader, Kenny. We will then be willingly heading off to bed until 04:00 where we will commence our next watch and enjoy the beautiful sunrise until 08:00. We have all been fed extremely well, much to our surprise! We had stuffed beef, salami pasta, pumpkin soup, grilled vegies and chocolate pudding on offer to us tonight which we made the most of. Many of us have been making up for the meals some of us missed due to the dreaded sea sickness we were overwhelmed with during the first three days, luckily this has passed for all of us and we are now fully enjoying sailing the seas. Shout outs! The members from White Watch would like to take this opportunity to touch base with our family and friends. Hi Mum, Dad, Greta and Haydn. Been thoroughly enjoying this experience heaps besides all the gut wrenching throwing up over the first couple of days. Don’t miss you too much (sorry!!) but looking forward to telling you all about it! Lucy xx To Laura and Graeson- Missing you heaps and looking forward to hearing from you next Tuesday when we arrive in Newcastle. Pete xx To Mum, Dad and Austin- Having an amazing time and enjoying the experience, missing you so much and cannot wait to see you next Tuesday. Maddie xx Hi James, Mum, Dad, Sophie, Melody and anyone else who ends up reading this. I’m having a much better time now that I’m not sick. Sorry I didn’t tell anyone to read this before I left, but I can make up for it by having you read it now. Love you all. Love Kayla xx Missing you all and am so not eager to start uni again. Love Nate. Hi from Zack. My tacking station involves shouting at people. This is so much fun.