Voyage name: 
08 - 19 Feb 16
40 43 S
143 32 E
Currently located 51nm to the west of Cape Grim and experiencing moderate to strong 15-20kt WSW winds with a 1.5m SW swell. Our current speed is 7kts and the temperature is 16 degrees.
Hi Everyone, Welcome to day six of our voyage. Well finally the wind gods have smiled upon us and we are now getting some favourable winds and some good sailing. These improved conditions have meant that we have been able to set our squares today and in doing so put the ship under a full press of sail for the first time for this voyage. Our young mariners have been kept busy throughout the day we plenty of sail work and climbing of the mast and we also managed to fit in a good set of rotational tacks. This activity gives everyone the opportunity to go to other crew members tacking station so that they develop a better understanding on how everything works when we tack and wear the ship. We are currently located 51nm to the west of Cape Grim (North Western point of Tasmania) and are back in the Roaring 40’s for the first time since completing the World Voyage. We do expect the wind to strengthen overnight so I am sure that as we get further south the Youth Crew will get to experience a little rough weather which I am sure they expected when they chose this Adelaide to Hobart voyage. Overnight we will continue to make best speed down Tasmania’s West Coast with the current intention to anchor in Port Davy late tomorrow evening. Kindly volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is Red Watch, please enjoy! Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav CAPTAINS LOG – Sat 13 Feb 16 Ahoy maties from the wild west coast of Van Deimen’s land! The sails be full, the weather be lovely, the crew’s be cheerful with bellies full and we be making great progress towards Olde Hobart Town. As the sun went down, red watch put to use their great teamwork skills to set all sails as we endeavoured to speed up our journey. And sail ahead we did, today progressing completely under sail! Overnight we traversed almost 60 nautical miles towards Port Davey and have now ventured into the roaring 40s. Setting out square sails gave some of us an excuse to climb (again) and provided some welcome forward speed and stability, enabling a few members of the crew to regain their sea legs. The sight of all sails set was a beautiful sight (just like on the brochure!). It was a really special feeling. It served also as an excellent photo opportunity and we couldn’t help but feel the all excitement of being ‘certified blackbelt sailors’. Now we were really doing what we came here to do – SAILING!! This morning we were treated to another wonderfully informative lecture by our resident nautical guru, Professor Kenny Saltdog, explaining the origin of the “dogwatches.” Perhaps we will be able to provide a more in depth explanation in person… Rope races (progressing from friendly to wildly competitive) were again held by Black Betty himself, Horto, with very little separating the three watches, and the overall winner being safety (according to Black Betty, who is, by the way, THE MAN). Every day a lucky crewy from each watch is selected to see the Master Masterchef– Marcos – create the delicious gastronomic delights that fuel us through each and every day. We all eagerly await our turn to help out in the Galley and delight in not only the food, but Marcos’ sterling personality and his bangin’ kitchen beats. Today was also the day on which we gathered into our watches to reflect on our voyage so far, and the goals we had set ourselves. It all came out very positive, and we are all agreed that this experience has been a most amazing one so far. We’re all downheartedly counting down the days we have left. We are also counting down the hours to command day… look out staffies!! Bon Voyage, ye scurvy dogs! (love, Red Watch) Shoutouts Salut TasMob! We made it to the roaring forties and are on our way home! I’m looking forward to sharing all of the war stories. Port Davey and Hobart await. Love you! Dylan xx Cheers Territorians! I bet you’re all melting up there while I’m getting used to being an icicle! (not looking forward to getting back to that by the way. Not that I don’t miss you!) Really having a swell time (see what I did there) smashing personal goals, loving every minute. I’m now addicted to climbing and you can hardly keep me off the mast! See you in a week. xx p.s. Happy birthday for the 17th Dad!! - Peta .M Hello ye with steady footing. Swells keep the boat rockin’ and many personal encounter with the walls has been made. Loving every second and dreading the fast approach of reality. Happy 18th Birthday Em!!!! Hope ur partying it up and remember it all tomorrow!! Even with the land and ocean separating us u can still be my valentine Liv, missing u all while I’m away. Can’t wait to share all my stories. Lots of love Ezz XxXx