35° 2' South
150° 54' East

Wind: 020 @ 25knots. Swell: Southerly @ 0.5m. Temp: 21


Jervis Bay turned it on this morning. The weather was fantastic and Long Beach looked as pretty as a picture post card. Whitest sand in the world, don’t you know? Well, the Masterchef’s flashed up the BBQ and started the day right with bacon and egg rolls. There was fruit salad and yoghurt too. (Mental note: need to do some star jumps later.)

Pretty soon the boat was in the water and the 27 Young Australians were beach bound.”Hey, you forgot to clean the ship!” I yelled, too late. “Gav, where are you?”. Lol.

Anyhow, on the beach the Youth Crew launched straight into ‘Mid voyage talks’ with their respective Watch Leaders, to discuss how the voyage was progressing. This is a great way to ensure we are providing what the Youthies want. Their goals and accomplishments are assessed and discussed, and new goals are set. Our aim is to provide the best Youth Development voyage experience in the world and their feedback is essential.

With the formalities ashore taken care of, there was then time for Dodgeball, swimming, taking a walk, and generally enjoying life. Meanwhile, back onboard me and Gav are scrubbing the heads! Oh, the sacrifices…

Lunch was great (must do some burpees soon).

By the way, Gav gave a great Sail Theory lecture yesterday and today backs it up with a ‘sail away from anchor’ brief and Demonstrational Tacks. So, as the wind was blowing us off the beach, what better time to sail away from anchor (as opposed to motoring away)? We shortened in the anchor cable until under foot, then braced the yards hard to port which got our bow swinging to STBD. Anchor was aweigh when we backed the Fore Stay Sail to further promote the turn, then the Main Stay Sail was set, giving us drive and off we went. Mainsail and Jib were then set, and there you have it. That’s how they did it in the old days and you can too, next time your out in your tall ship!

Joking aside, Demonstrational Tacks involves members from each watch coming to the bridge to observe the process for tacking ship. Essential knowledge for Command Day. Our final tack was out of Jervis Bay and we then turned into a 25 knot headwind. This is going to be a long night!

Until tomorrow.

Yours Aye

Captain Adam

Ps. Dinner was great, but they wouldn’t stop piling it on! I promise to do some exercise tomorrow. I wonder if there’s any Lamington Trifle left…