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Currently located 460nm from Rio and experiencing moderate 12-15kt NE winds with a 2m NE swell. Current temperature is 23 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 53 of our voyage. This morning after 72hrs in Command the Crew handed back our beloved Ship to the Staffies. At the handing back ceremony I praised the Crew for their teamwork, motivation and the effort that they put in during the whole 72hr period, they really did an amazing job. Anyway I won’t steal their thunder telling you about today’s events as Robyn has already done a wonderful job.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Captain’s Log – 11 Feb. 15

Greetings to all of our trusty followers,

Overnight we had a bit of excitement as we watched a big storm roll in, There was a spectacular lightning show that many stayed up to observe and enjoy. The storm also freshened (strengthened) the wind and brought a change in wind direction, allowing us to set some sails and for a short period of time increase our boat speed. This process of setting and furling sails continued throughout the night with the trend being that one watch would find the wind and set the sails. Then just as watches were swapping over the wind would be lost and the work of furling the sails would be left to the oncoming watch.



This morning at 10am marked a very important time for the Crew and Staff alike. We handed back the ship after completing the last of our challenges and delivering a final morning brief. The crew were happy as this meant that we were given the day off to relax and recuperate. The Staff however tried to claim tag rules, meaning there was no tag/hand backs. Captain Gav did come to the bridge and Captain Sam handed back his hat and with it the ship.



One of our challenges during the command period was to write a world voyage song that was to be performed at morning brief. Connie and Effie wrote an amazing song. With Connie on the guitar and Effie directing the crew we learnt the chorus to the song in the 15 minutes before our debut. The performance was pitch perfect and the Staff were pleasantly surprised at the girls talent with writing the song and the crew’s ability to sing it. Some even stated that they thought it was going to be rubbish however left singing “Luffing, luffing, luffing…” (Sang in the chords G, A and C respectively)



Whilst many enjoyed some time in their racks or napping on deck, a lot of people also found the time to assist the Staffies with some ships maintenance. The Forestay Sail sheet now has a nice patch where there had been some chaffing and the Fisherman’s sail has been checked by the Staff to make sure that it was indeed rigged correctly, Hopefully we will get to set it if the weather and conditions are in our favour.



The 50 plus days at sea has seen many of our male crew members don beards and let their hair go a little wild. Today was a momentous occasion as Reece and Karri are now back to their baby-faced selves just like day 1. This was done in a few steps with Shannon giving Karri a hair cut, both boys shaving part of their beards off leaving varying styles of moustaches before going all the way to cleanly-ish shaven. Watch Officer Matt also made an appointment at the aft hairdressing saloon, allowing me, Robyn, to cut his hair – a brave decision seeing as this was my first ever haircut. With a growing audience and plenty of advice I think we did all right, photos attached for your enjoyment.



As we draw to an end we are preparing the ship and ourselves for our departure. The remaining days will see us complete rig checks, scrub the decks and sides to get her looking all shiny again and make sure down below is cleaned in what will be rather thorough happy hours I imagine. To prepare ourselves we will have to start packing our things, get ready to say our goodbyes and look forward to a photo slide show prepared by Grace and Hannah that I’m sure will bring a tear to the eye.



The time is now 1840 (6:40pm) and as we watch the sunset (the time and bearing of when and the direction it will set can now be calculated by many members of the crew that have gained the skills and know how) we are sailing straight towards a double rainbow, hopefully a pot of gold awaits us.

Yours Aye,