19° 58' South
148° 43' East

Weather: fine and partly cloudy, Wind: 170 / 25 kn, Swell: nil, Sea State: 4, Temp: 22 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

The Ship remained at anchor overnight with the Youth Crew keeping their first night anchor watches. This meant that only one member of each watch was up on deck for an hour, letting the other members of the watch catch up on some much needed sleep as the Ship gently rolled in our anchorage in the lee of Brampton Island.

The crew were woken by Sail Master Kenny at0630 for a quick EMA. After breakfast the crew mustered on deck and we sailed away from anchor and headed towards the southern entrance to the Whitsunday Passage. We set the fore-and-aft sails as well as the Topgallant and the Topsail.

Morning Brief was held at 0830 and we then got into Rotational Tacks, which is an activity where the youth crew rotate through the other watches’ tacking positions so they get to experience what the other watches do when we wear or tack the Ship. Once these were completed we furled the Jib, Forestaysail and the Mainstaysail and set the Course, our intended sail plan for our transit through the Whitsunday Passage.

In the afternoon we held the next edition of ‘Ropies’, which was followed by a presentation on the nautical rules of the road, given by Watch Officer Jarred.

It is intended to remain at sea through the night conducting a number of activities aimed at giving the natural leaders in each watch the opportunity to step up and take charge of a challenging task, as well as continuing to develop the youth crew\\'s watch on deck skills.

Until tomorrow night, Yours aye,