Voyage name: 
V12/19 Brisbane to Sydney
22 Jul - 01 Aug 2019
32 56s
152 11e
Wind: NW at 8 knots Weather: Fine, high cloud Sea: Mild Course: 205 Speed: 5 knots Location: NE of Newcastle
Ahoy shipmates...Day 5 already, where does the time go? Another action packed day on YE. Sailmaster Dion woke the crew with "here comes the sun" over the main broadcast, and come it did...a glorious sunrise in perfectly still conditions, setting the tone for the day ahead. After relocating to an anchorage "around the corner" in Shoal Bay we sent the youth crew ashore for the 40 min hike to the peak of Tomaree Head, followed by beach activities and a quick visit to the shops. All then returned onboard for a late lunch, rope races, mid voyage talks and deck games. At 1615 we departed Port Stephens in continuing calm conditions, with a number of the youth crew laying aloft to take in the sights as we left the harbour. As I write the light conditions are persisting...never fear...conditions are expected to pick up overnight. All are hale and hearty...and I think enjoying themselves. I know the staffies are! That's it for now...over to Bella, Rach and Lara. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K---------- Hello there land lovers We anchored overnight in Nelsons Bay and enjoyed a full six hour sleep. We started off today with a spectacular sunrise on deck and bacon and eggs for breakfast – simply delicious. After breakfast we had an eventful morning brief where we learnt some interesting facts about the local area – thanks Harry! After morning brief we sang along to the tune of Happy Hour where we cleaned up the ship. Afterwards we hopped on a boat over to the beautiful Port Stephens. We hiked and saw a shark breeding ground among breath taking views of untouched natural landscapes. We played some games on the beautiful sandy beach and slowly made our way back to the ship with a few hundred dollars worth of snacks (cheers IGA). Waiting for us was Zac and some delicious chicken curry, Hawaiian steaks, brown rice and an array of salads – shout out to Zac and the junior masterchefs Caitlin, Thomas and Benji – excellent work. A mid-voyage check up brought us back to reality as we realised how quickly time flies. We revisited our goals and made some new ones for the upcoming days. An intense game of handball amongst the entire youth crew followed – luckily we had a dedicated panel of four judges and a security guard to monitor cheats. Expert Kyle then gave us a meteorology talk where we learnt about wind currents and weather patterns. We now know what to do if stranded on a desert island! Team building exercise and leadership skills were developed in Dion’s group activities which we all thoroughly enjoyed – all we can say is some squashed mandarins were involved. The handball continues as we wait for another delicious dinner – apparently roast. A huge thank you to all of the youth crew and staff for making this yet another fantastic day on board the Young Endeavour. We are off at sea yet again headed towards the magnificent Jervis Bay – cannot wait! Until tomorrow, The youth crew at the young endeavour. Shoutouts: Bella – hi mum and dad and millie don’t worry I haven’t fallen over board yet – having heaps of fun and missing you. Rach – Hey mama, papa and big brother Lee! Having the time of my life and missing you all. Lara - Missing you heaps mum, dad, Aul and Rosie, I am having a great time and have made it up the mast twice, even the top with no problem and feeling more confident every day. Harri - Hello Megan, hope you enjoyed the read. Talk soon, x
“Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you…it can only come from you”. Ralph Marston