Voyage name: 
V04/21 Sydney to Newcastle
24 May - 03 Jun 2021
33 35s
151 12e
Wind: SW at 8 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Location: At anchor Jerusalem Bay.
Ahoy shipmates…Day 5. After an excellent night heading north under square sails, we arrived safely at anchor in Broken Bay at 0700 this morning. Gotta say…it’s a bit brisk! We will spending the next day or two in and around Broken Bay to avoid some seriously nasty seas…never fear, we have plenty of tricks up our sleeve to keep the youth crew busy. After a quick shore visit to Patonga Beach this morning, we relocated to the picturesque (and sheltered) Jerusalem Bay, not far from Cottage Point, and will remain here overnight. That’s about it from me for now…I’ll hand you over to Michael and Sahara. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K---------- Day 5 and we’re half way there… almost. After a chilly start to the morning we woke up surrounded by mountains. From our anchor point in Broken Bay we were greeted by both the sun and the moon. Our morning routine began with a navy tradition – ‘Colours’, and an excellent brief from the crew. Right into activities we headed across to Patonga, a seaside town. We wandered around the quaint town enjoying the unusual change of scenery. Not too long after we were encouraged by our watch leaders to appreciate a short hike up the hill. It was a beautiful scenery – lots of good Instagram shots with the ship in the background. The hike also included a small cave formation and lots of parkour. There was a quick visit to the local café for some fancy coffee, milkshakes and lots of treats. Some however complained that their time on land was marred by gaining sea legs too well – and didn’t have any good shore legs. The ride home on the RHIB was pretty choppy and some people on the wrong side of the boat ended up soaked, whilst others were nice and dry. From there the staffies moved the ship across to Jerusalem Bay. The youthies used the opportunity to enjoy some time on deck; joining in on some sunbaking, musical fun, intense and complex card games, jellyfish spotting and even some laundry! Later in the afternoon we broadened our navigation skills with a presentation from our navigator Jemma. We ran through what we touched base on during our night watches, learning how to locate our ship’s position. Turns out if all else fails we can determine our location with nothing more than a compass and chart! Following this was watch chats, a great way to catch up in our watches and check in on how both individuals and teams were progressing. White watch enjoyed sitting on the command room until the sun set. Although our time has been short these chats reflected on that fact that we all have grown close to one another and learnt we all make a wonderful team. Michael and Sahara (White Watch)
Sometimes you will never know the value of something, until it becomes a memory. Dr Seuss