38° 17' South
140° 58' East

Currently located 7nm to the SW of Discovery Bay and experiencing moderate 12-15 SE winds with a 1m swell. Current temperature is 17 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 5 of our voyage. A well rested crew awoke at 0630 to an overcast but fine morning.

Given our picturesque anchorage we decided to commence the day with a refreshing swim in the crystal clear (slightly cool) waters of Port Fairy Bay. Of course an early morning swim is not complete without the famous Young Endeavour rope swing which gives everyone the chance to demonstrate their acrobatic skills.

Once out of the water everyone enjoyed an alfresco BBQ breakfast of freshly made egg and bacon rolls, pastries and fresh fruit, which was served on deck and had been expertly prepared by Chef Hayden and his three Youth Crew helpers.

On completion of breakfast and morning brief preparations were made to sail and at 0845 we departed our anchorage at Port Fairy Bay. Once in open water a course was shaped to the west and the ship brought under a modified sail plan, which included the setting of the fisherman staysail and the squares.

Given the perfect sailing conditions the emphasis for the day has been on sail handling and now that all signs of seasickness previously experienced by the Youth Crew had disappeared, everyone enjoyed the opportunity to set and furl sails, climb the masts and to truly experience what it is like to sail a square rigged sailing ship.

Late this afternoon we completed another set of rope races which included the extremely entertaining ‘egg drop’ exercise. On completion we conducted a good set of rotational tacks, This activity allows the Youth Crew to experience each others tacking station and provides important knowledge in the lead up to Command Day

Overnight the Youth Crew will complete the BEAREX (teambuilding, communication and initiative exercise) while we continue to make ground to our next anchorage which at this time is planned to be Rivoli Bay.

Currently we are located 7nm to the south west of Discovery Bay sailing downwind under all three squares in moderate 12-15kt south easterly winds and maintaining a good boat speed of 6kts.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav