18 37 S
146 23 E

Beautiful, starry night. Wind: ESE 12 Swell: Nil Temp: 24

Greetings friends, please enjoy this Captains Log written by Eve and Anna. I reckon its a cracker!. What do you think?
Ahoy there Landlubbers, A quick flashback to last night, which we spent anchored near Orpheus Island and to our absolute delight had the shortest watches our weary eyes have ever had. One short hour of looking out into the beautiful Barrier Reef region, into the beautiful starry sky and into our fellow sailors eyes (ahem!? – Capt Adam). Too much beauty? Never in this part of the world! In order to strengthen the youth crew’s friendships we were divided into groups of three, with one person from each watch. Some encounters with the locals (dolphins and schools of fish), the watches went quickly and we all went to bed with smiles on our faces. At 0630 our beauty sleep was interrupted by some metallic-rock music flowing through the ship. But after a quick walk around the deck our nostrils were greeted by the sweet smell of bacon, eggs and maple syrup – mmmm. Before devouring our feast we were offered an opportunity to have a dip in the Port-side pool (left-side for you, landlubbers). This refreshing way of waking up left us feeling exhilarated and ready to start the day. After our BBQ meal on the deck, watches were asked to participate in a ceremony called “Colours”. This ceremony consisted of ringing the bell, blowing a whistle, raising the flag and singing the National Anthem with pride and joy. Then came morning brief, with the plan for the day being discussed, the Navigator telling us we were still at anchor (surprise, surprise), and a pleasant greeting from Captain Salty who taught us more pirate lingo. Then a not-so pleasant visit from the well-aged Nanna Diesel (this description was carefully chosen as she is an alarming figure) reminded us to place our belongings where they belonged. A few of you watching at home may have noticed our little video on the Facebook page. If you haven’t, it’s well worth a watch. We got our groove on Young Endeavour style  We were then divided into our ‘Happy hour’ groups to go snorkelling in more spectacular parts of Orpheus Island. With sightings of giant clams and various colourful fish the youth crew was ecstatic. Whilst one of the groups was snorkelling, the others participated in knot tying lessons and laying aloft (climbing the mast), which rotated every half hour. Some of the climbers and knot-tiers viewed two dolphins (don’t say 2, say 20! – Capt Adam), swimming northward – very gorgeous. After hot showers we had yet another amazing lunch thanks to our Masterchefs (Jilanna, Zach and Liam) and Jenko. Then it was time for Happy Hour!!!! And we scrub-a-dub-dubbed til our Sail Master was content that his ship was sparkly. Then it was time for ‘ROPEEEE RACESSSSS’ where the watches had a chance to fight for bragging rights about their knowledge of the sails, with Red Watch smashing everyone. At the sighting of a fellow pirate vessel (South Passage – Capt Adam) we quivered in our boots (yes Mum and Dad we have boots now). But worry-not, for we had a plan and fired off a friendly warning shot with the accompaniment of the theme song to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ (just a friendly saluting gun, which you landies would recognise as a canon). We then spotted a whale! Oh the serenity  Soon after we weighed anchor and set sail with only the help of Captain Adam and his expert team (no engines were needed ). We flew like a fledging bird, very keen to go fast but not really getting anywhere (folks, we have probably moved about 500 metres from our anchored position in several hours… awkward). The wind ain’t that strong, so we are moving like a sea slug back towards the North. Our Captain took time off from his busy schedule to enlighten us about sail-theory. He mentioned baths and soap and sails, oh my. But we learnt enough, we hope, to keep us afloat. Tonight the sea-puppies are back to their normal watches and will further their navigation skills in preparation for our looming command day. Yours aye, Eve and Anna, the seamates Shout outs Shout out to Eldridge Squad Seymour clan :D – coming home with a wooden leg and a good-looking Captain Cook Youth crew sailor, Byron is related to our Captain, Adam – the things we learn! Hey Toze clan & friends. Having the best time, missing you all so much! 