25° 1' South
152° 57' East

Currently located at the south of Hervey Bay and enjoying moderate 12-15kt ESE winds with a .5m swell. Current temperature is 16 degrees 

Hi Everyone,

                  Welcome to Day 5 of our voyage. A well rested crew awoke to strong winds and overcast conditions this morning. Given our picturesque anchorage we would have normally started the morning with a refreshing swim but with the poor weather conditions we decided to commence the day with an early morning activity which on this occasion was Knights& Cavaliers followed by a BBQ breakfast on deck instead.

With breakfast and the normal mornings duties complete the watches were each sent to three separate activities, these being, navigation lecture, mid voyage chats and climbing of the foremast. On completion of each activity each of the watches would then move to the next until all three activities had been completed. These activities lasted over a four hour period which included lunch and was the first time that we had trialled this system, which I am happy to say worked extremely well.

At 1600 following a short brief on how to set and clew-up the square sails the anchored was weighed and we conducted a successful sail away from anchor and departed Platypus Bay. On reaching open water the ship was called to taking stations and over the next hour we completed a good set of rotational tacks. This activity gives the Youth Crew the opportunity to experience each others tacking stations so they have a full understanding of all of the ships tacking positions.

With this activity completed everyone headed below for dinner, which tonight was expertly cooked by our visiting Navy Chef Shannon who has been doing a great job in the galley giving Chef Hayden a well deserved day off today

Overnight we will remain at sea and the Youth Crew will complete the BEAREX (teambuilding, communication and initiative exercise) and continue to consolidate their navigation and sailing skills.

It is our intention to now head north with our next anchorage currently planned to be Lady Musgrave Island.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav