Voyage name: 
V02/17 Stanley (TAS) to Geelong (VIC)
15 Jan - 25 Jan 2017
39 Deg 24.0 Min South
146 Deg 56.1 Min East
From the biting westerlies of yesterday to the calm light and variable winds of today. Late in the afternoon the forecast easterly wind picked up and has proven just the tonic for a beautiful down wind sail. Temparature today was 20 degrees and felt like it ashore but a little less at sea with the wind chill in the afternoon. A slight sea and swell from the east in Bass Strait our weather mojo is back!
Good evening All, After a restful night at anchor we awoke to Sail Master Kyle playing some tune of which I am very unfamiliar. After a hearty breakfast we had our morning brief with a visit from a special friend called Nanna from Deal Island. Well, to be honest it was really our engineer Sumo dressed as Nanna who had been through the cabins and cleaned up all the loose clothing lying about. After the owners reclaimed their individual items to much laughter we were asked by Nanna to do her a favour as Nanna had done a favour for us. We went to the deck amidships and followed Nanna in song - think High Five meets the Wiggles with a sea slant to it. We did a quick clean of the Ship then the Youth Crew went ashore and climbed to a spectacular lookout at a peak to receive a presentation on navigation from our resident expert Evan. I believe there are some pics on the website/log. The Youth Crew then went on a hike to the lighthouse which was quite a challenge for them. On return to the Ship mid-afternoon we sailed from our anchorage and quickly took advantage of the easterly winds by setting sail and making good ground towards Port Phillip Bay. Our sea sickness has been consigned to Davey Jones' locker. Our salty Youth Crew are sailing the Ship hard now making over 6 knots with about half the available sails up. During the evning we did three-way talks where groups of three people get to know each other a bit more and then present to everyone as one of the other members of the group. The 'person' tells us a bit of their background and favourite things such as a movie or song. The later is done by charades to much laughter. Tonight we are making best ground towards Port Phillip Bay where we expect to arrive late Friday or early Saturday. We are driving hard with the program at the moment to prepare us for the important activities towards the end of the Voyage. I thought we were a bit flat the last couple of days so I was pleased to observe everyone into the swing of things as we headed out to sea again. Unitl tomorrow, be good ... Dave J, Voyage Captain
Not a quote for the Youth Crew today but some advice ... "always be nice to your Mum".